Does Marriage Have To Be This Hard?

Hey! Jeff (and Alyssa) here. Over the years since we’ve been married, we’ve received so many questions about our marriage and relationships in general. Dating questions, money questions, sex questions and…you name it. “I feel like my dreams have to die in order for us to follow my spouse’s. How do you make two dreams […]

Is Cussing A Sin?

When it comes to our speech, a lot of times Christians only thing swearing or saying a four letter word is truly a sin. But what if the Bible has much more to say about our speech than just cussing?  Subscribe to my email list here and get my audiobook Jesus > Religion for free […]

Where Is God When Life Is Hard?

Sometimes life can seem so heavy. The burdens we carry seem so big. Whether it’s small things that add up, or big issues that weigh us down. In the mundane, or the unordinary. I vividly remember spring of 2011 – I was healing from a difficult break up, while at the same time starting to […]