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What’s The Point Of Christmas?

Alyssa and I absolutely love Christmas. The cookies, the snow (well we live in Maui so we don’t get that anymore), the music, and all that good stuff. But what we also love is zooming in on the story of Jesus and His entrance into our world. There’s a few explosive things we sometimes miss […]

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My Favorite Books of 2015

One of my favorite ways to look back on a year is through books I’ve read. It helps me piece together events and different seasons of the year. So I thought it’d only be fitting to name the top couple books I read this year with a brief description of why. Would love to hear […]

the bible is messy

The Bible is Messy

My buddy and I got to go to Morocco a couple months ago and shoot videos on the set of A.D. that’ll air on NBC April 5. Hope this first one encourages you! Subscribe to my email list here and get my audiobook Jesus > Religion for free here. ————  

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Our New Podcast Is Here!!

Alyssa and I are SOOO excited to announce our new Podcast, “Anything & Everything” is here!! You can subscribe and listen to it on iTunes by clicking here. Or you can listen on the player below. Also, we love you guys and appreciate your feedback so let us know what you specifically liked or didn’t […]