How Culture & Religion Both Objectify Women

I’ve been thinking on this topic for awhile now, especially since researching it for my Q Talk last fall. In digging into the research and the scriptures I found a few things I noticed we don’t usually talk about, about how God shows us the problem behind the problem and also how sometimes objectification can happen just as much in religious circles. Watch below to check it out. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I appreciate your courge to discuss the topic of women objebtefecation, which offten goes unacknowledged. Often Society is scared to criticize or analyze the Bible. You put into words A way I have always felt inside but could never express into words

  2. First meeting me people seem to assume that I am a feminist. They come to this quick assumption about me just because a women of my age who has confidence must be a feminist. Yet to associate ourselves with something so distracting as this tittle is dangers. It demoralizes men and makes way for a rebellious spirit of women. It places special importance on women that lowers the man and brings no attention to infants and the elderly.

    The major point you make is that we are created to reflect the glory of God. Yet when we focus on titling ourselves “feminists” we lose sight of the value of all life. See I stand for life ALL human life. Life that was created in the likeness of our creator. Young, old, infant, disabled it doesn’t matter it is life. All life is valuable. This is what the Lord desires of us. If we focus on the need of our soul. The craving we have to worship our God but instead we worship other things. It is than we know how to really see the issue to correct it. It is then that we can actually have any type of response and actively show love. The core issue of the need of the soul possible to see because God made that clear to us. The Holy Spirit testifies to that as well.

    The problem is our heart and dealing with the heart as our human nature we tend to go from one extreme to another. Thank you for speaking on this issue.

  3. I have definitely been objectified my whole life. It is hard for me to admit, but I am attractive. I have often been accused of being too sexy or too loud, or just too much in general. Then when I change, I am accused of people pleasing or religious. There is no winning either way.

    I believe the modesty culture in church is more damaging. Then “God” gets put in the mix of how “He” is objectifying me. Then there is no rest or escape. “He” then becomes the reason why and I become “evil” if I fight the obectification

    Watching this made me cry. I saw how I got it from church growing up. Now it’s hard for me to even see when it is happening. I do it to myself and others, wanting to get from people; everything becomes a transaction. It’s so refreshing to hear truth that we are image bearers and not commodities.

  4. LOVED it. Disagree that the human body, I can’t remember how you said it, isn’t inherently sexually attractive. Before the fall, Adam & Eve found each other attractive. It’s a gift that we find each other attractive! And it sure helps with the commandment to be fruitful & multiply! Also, Song of Solomon is full of holy sexual attraction. It’s a good thing!! 😀
    I’m always so shocked when I hear about crappy things that women experience when people around them talk about modesty. I’m grateful that I never experienced that. The closer I got to God, the more I dressed modestly… attractive, but modest.
    Thanks for the vlog. Loved it!

  5. “The female body is not an inherent distraction.”
    Oh OK…….wait, what?
    God intended for women to be beautiful and designed men to notice their beauty. Men are attracted to female beauty in the same way Christ is attracted to His church.
    I agree with Katrina’s comment below, prior to the fall, Adam would have noticed that there was something different about Eve, that looking at her produced a different feeling then looking at a rock, a tree, or an elephant. When I look at a women I can see both someone made in the image of God and her natural beauty, there is no conflict.
    Interesting post nontheless, that one comment was just a bit of a screwball.

    Let her breasts satisfy thee at all times Proverbs 5:19

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