Do You Really Believe You Are Loved?

Do you live under covenant or contract? Do you believe your behavior is what is sustaining the relationship (contract) or do you believe the promise is sustaining the relationship (covenant)? God goes above and beyond to describe His love for us as a spousal relationship, a parent-child relationship, which are both covenant relationships. You can’t lose His love, which means you can’t earn it. Hope the new video encourages you!

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  1. Thank you so much for this!

  2. If I am a father than where is the reverence due Me, and if a husband where is the respect? The Lord echoes these words in all the prophets. The fact is we all mostly want Jesus for what He can give in earth. Americans especially simply won’t listen to a God hero promises they will be persecuted. Regarding who maintains the relationship with God it is better to think of the analogy of a child placing their hand in their parents hand. Both wills are involved but the parent leads. It is deeper with God, he leads, facilitates, empowers, but yet cherishes our volitional participation.

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