Lifehacking Culture - Does it really make you better? - Jeff and Alyssa



You hear it, see it and read it everywhere:


“Become more efficient!

Live your best life!

But a few years ago I started to realize, this might not actually be making me who I want to be. In fact, it might be taking me the other direction–all in the name of self development! One of the most painful and hardest, yet beautiful and life giving, lessons many in the under 35 crowd need to wrestle with is that obscurity and faithfulness are the path to joy. Not optimization and followers and trying to treat our bodies like machines or a factory assembly line.


If God wanted us to be machines, He would’ve made us a computer (and given us a good ol’ ctrl + alt + delete fail safe!). But we aren’t and there isn’t one. We are messy and inefficient and we every second of every day are dying in a sense.


So I wonder if the path to resurrection is through that death? Charging head first towards the death of obscurity. The death of not being the best. The death of ‘wasting’ our days and time with things that truly matter like our marriage and our kids and our neighbors and our barista.


This is just a small bit of what we touch on in this week’s new podcast episode. We’d love to have you take a listen, and then hit us up on instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and let us know what you thought!

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Quotes from this episode:

They’re like, hack your life better, be more efficient, live your best life, optimize your life…my question is why have we not gotten there then yet, right?

That’s a logical question we have to ask is this – if we all have every little tip and trick to eat better and work out better and we have all the information and all the right things, then why are we not better?

There’s a sense in which we’re worse, there’s a sense of which we’re disconnected from our ideal self more than ever because of we can have a higher ideal, because we see everyone else’s life. We see everyone else’s pursuits.

It’s like we have to actually ask the question – Why? Like why has no one reached super human level yet? It adds a lot of pressure on us because we feel like now we know all these new ways or ways that get better.