Happy Anniversary!

Happy one-year anniversary to my hubby! Crazy, I can’t believe it’s already been one year.  This year has been quite the adventure! Traveled around the world, moved twice, became parents to our sweet puppy, started a candle company, both wrote a book, attended 6 weddings, and are currently traveling the U.S. on your book tour. […]

Our Little Buddy

Our little (well, not so little anymore) Aslan was neutered yesterday. Poor guy, didn’t even know what was coming. (Which really, we still don’t really know what “was coming”. Everyday we look at each other and ask “What exactly do they do when they neuter?” I really need to spend some time on google.) The […]

Lessons in Grace

Yesterday morning I woke up, ready to hit the ground running and check things off on my to-do list. First things first, I needed to book the hotel and buy our plane tickets to my best friend’s wedding. I had been researching and working out all the details the past few weeks, but now I […]

The Moment You Realize…

I’m flying home from Nashville alone today. Jeff is off on his man adventure–touring down the west coast in a hearse with 4 other guys on the Porn Kills Tour. (So cool!) I landed in Cincinnati with a 4-hour layover before my flight to Seattle. After a lovely lunch with friends, I went to the […]

Mysterious Black Bag

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Sunshine. Baby Rosalie born. Time with my Mom and Dad. Serving with my sweet husband. In celebration of the lovely day, my mom and I took Aslan for a walk at a new park. Meadows. Forest. Trails. Geese. Needless to say Aslan loved it! Well, as usual, he pooped during […]

Perfect Pancake Fail

In celebration of Jeff staying home to work today, I decided I would make this delicious recipe from Pinterest: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes. Looks delicious right!? Banana, oatmeal, chocolate chips. And to top it off, I even made it in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day. (Ok, a week or so early, […]

The Pinterest Date

Last night when I picked Jeff up from work, he asked what I had done during the day and I mentioned that I had been rearranging my office. (I was desperately attempting to go through everything and organize since it’s been a war zone!) Apparently this greatly excited Jeff (he’s been trying to help organize […]