It’s Madness I Tell Ya!

Has anyone else felt like July has flown by, and you’re just catching your breath, trying to prepare yourself for August?

The week Jeff and I got back from London, we immediately began to pack and move to our new little rental on the lake. Jet lag? Who has that? We were sprinting the moment we landed on American soil. Pack. Move. Clean. Move in. Organize. Clean. (Of which I’m still in the organizing and cleaning step-almost.done.)

Then the weekend we came home, I had two bridal showers on the same day-a lingerie shower the next Saturday, and a baby shower the Saturday after that. Not to mention the fact that I’m trying to write a book that’s due in a few weeks, and take care of our rascal puppy Aslan- who so endearingly has eaten my bible study & memory verse flash cards, rolled in gum, chewed through his leash, thrown up a toy, tore up 1 Kings and the back cover of my bible, and straight up ate a kid’s sandwich right out of his hands-just this month. This same precious pup is the one who ate a hole through our old kitchen floor- of which I had to find the exact vinyl flooring and hire a repair-man (who rocked!) to fix the floor before we were able to officially move out.

Deep breathe. You know, just living the dream. Rookie wife tales I tell ya.

But seriously, as crazy as this month has been, it has been full of laughter and seeing God’s abundant provision and strength. Thank you Lord.

As I write this, Jeff and I are at a week long camp in West Virginia, which, I admit, I wasn’t sure where West Virginia was. Jeff laughed uncontrollably as I asked on the drive out here to the youth pastor, “So where exactly is West Virginia? Are we south of Virginia?” “Um, no- we’re west of Virginia.” Of course we are.

We are in the beautiful country land- rolling green hills all around, barns and horses. There’s not a whole lot for me to do here- confession: if you have seen my “pins” increasing at a rapid pace on pinterest, ahem, yes- I have spent far too many hours on that sweet little site the past few days. It’s so great when you’re in a travel daze and your mind is mush(it took us two days to get here by plane…our flight from Atlanta to Charleston couldn’t land, and so being 100 ft from the ground-twice-they flew back to Atlanta until the clouds cleared the next morning. Yes, that’s right. One night stay in the hotel with no luggage- the one time I didn’t bring a change of clothes or my toothbrush, or deodorant, or a contact case in my carry on! Note to self: always choose a bigger carry on with supplies just in case). However, “pinning” makes me want to do something creative, with my hands. But I can’t. And then last night I realized all that I need to do when I get home in the next two weeks- clean and organize the house for guests, throw a bachelorette party, attend another bachelorette party, 2 dress rehearsal dinners, 3 weddings-2 of which I’m in- finish writing the book, and take care of my hubby and that sweet as a pea pup.

Wipe sweat off brow.

There’s so many things running through my head. I have two long to-do lists that I keep adding to each day. But I can’t do anything until I get home.

I love how the Lord works.

He knew I needed this week off. Away. Yes, I have the book to write. Ample time to do so. And I am here to support, pray for and help Jeff. But other than that, I’m free to rest. To sleep. To read. To pray and sunbathe. Time to recoup from this past month, and time to get pumped up for the next few weeks ahead. Time to let my body rest, and time to prepare my heart and mind for what’s to come. And really, time to pray and truly trust Jesus because He’s the only one who can calm my out-of-control thoughts. He’s got this. I’m so thankful that He, as my loving Father, knows what I need more than I do. He draws me near to Himself and leads me forward.


I don’t know where you are today, what you’re thinking of, what your thoughts are consumed by, what tasks you have, what your planning for. You may be calm as a cucumber, sitting on the beaches of Maui soaking up the rays of sunshine. (Can I join you!?) Or you may be frantically driving around town doing errands or running yourself thin at work. You may be in a busy season, or a relaxing one. You may be planning for the fall ahead- getting ready for college, a wedding, a new job, the school year to start, a baby or just preparing for a vacation coming up.

Wherever you find yourself today sister, the Lord is with you. He goes before you. He follows behind. He faces you always, knowing your heart, your needs, your worries. He is present. He is near. And He is taking care of you. He provides strength and peace in the chaos and in the busy. He provides rest at the exact moment you need it. He provides an encouraging word, a promise, a truth, and a hug. He knows your every need- and He provides. He steps in. He is holding you, this very moment. He goes before, so we have no need to worry or fear for the future. He’ll provide and give grace when that time comes.

Let’s rest in Him today. Let’s lay our burdens at His feet, and trust in His loving care. For “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17


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  1. Loved this! How very encouraging. I too have had an outrageously busy summer. I have two black labs who act a lot like your pup. They chew everything! And add to that, we have two kids 5&6 and life can sure get crazy! 🙂 God is so good to give us those much needed rests! Even though, I admit, I am not good at resting! Still learning to just let everything else go sometimes and focus on time with my Maker 🙂

  2. Yes and amen to all of this. Thanks for your faithfulness to share how God is working in your life!

  3. Thanks friend. This post certainly blessed me today. I took a deep breath and let that last paragraph wash over. Such wonderful, beautiful truth.

  4. I needed to hear that, even though I’m not rushed off my feet at the moment. I’ve just finished education in England, and I’m going to University (collage). It was intense,hard and a struggle infact slog but now for Uni, all the newness preparation and tasks ahead are daunting.
    Glad you get the feeling of needing a breather, I’m learning from you. I’m not gifted the way you are, and you teach me how to be gracious.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that God knows about my to do list too! This gave me a chance to take a deep breath and pray before entering my workday. Praying that God helps prioritise my to do list according to His will – and that I don’t forget that kind and intentional interactions people around me should also be on that list!

    Love your thoughts Alyssa, and praying for strength for you – what a crazy time in your life!! Glad you’re still able to laugh about it 🙂

  6. Thank you 🙂 and God bless.

  7. Are you writing a devotional? I’m excited for it whatever it is!

  8. Absolutely love this!! Thank you Alyssa 🙂 you are an inspiration. Beautiful reminder of resting in Him and His infinite grace. 🙂

  9. amazing alyssa! I love how you support Jeff in his ministry and that you can blog and lift spirits through your words. keep it up 🙂

  10. Amen to this one! You really have no idea how much i needed to hear (read) that last paragraph! Blessings to you sister… 🙂

  11. Wow! Thank you so much for the encouragement! God is using you in such an amazing way to share about his peace and love for each of us. I absolutely can not wait to read your book!

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