The Moment You Realize…

37772acf88bd1c35dc0858f961f376ddI’m flying home from Nashville alone today. Jeff is off on his man adventure–touring down the west coast in a hearse with 4 other guys on the Porn Kills Tour. (So cool!) I landed in Cincinnati with a 4-hour layover before my flight to Seattle. After a lovely lunch with friends, I went to the restroom. Walking down the terminal, I immediately turned right when I saw the bathroom sign. I headed straight for the nearest stall. While spending time on the royal throne, I started to notice it smelled a bit strange. Hmmm.

I sniffed some more. Pee. It smells like pee. That’s odd. I mean obviously it’s a bathroom, but I’ve never smelled pee so strongly before. When I got up, I noticed there were little pee spots around the toilet.

“That’s weird. How can someone miss like that?”

I came out and noticed there was graffiti on the hand dryer.

“Man, Cincinnati is off its game a bit on the bathroom situation.”

Walking over to the sink, I washed my hands and started to check myself out—you know-bump up the hair a bit, check the teethe, apply lip gloss.

I saw a person enter the bathroom in the mirror, and realized it was a man. He turned and looked at me. I smiled.

“Oh man. Poor guy. He’s in the wrong bathroom.”

I continued my routine.

I noticed another man in the mirror. He shot me a strange look. They both were looking at me now.

Then it hit me.

“OH NO.”

My stomach dropped. My cheeks turned rosy red. My heart stopped. Really. I think it stopped.

I grabbed my bag and coat and booked it out of there.

Still in disbelief, I thought it was a mistake. There’s no way. I mean, I’ve had moments where I’ve been close to walking into the men’s restroom, but I’ve always caught myself before the dooming event.

I looked up slowly.


I walked away hurriedly. Maybe no one saw me?

Besides those two men.

Oh man.



  1. oh my poor lovey! You take after your mother, I’m afraid. Did that once. Thanks for the laughter. Hope you are recovered by now!

  2. Hahaha! Oh that’s hilarious! Thanks for brightening my day 🙂

  3. yeah.. totally relate… it happened to me at Wal Mart… it was hilariously funny especially when my hubby saw me run out of their.. he had the funniest shocked look i had ever seen.. LOL

  4. OH NO! I did that on the first day of the semester this year! I was half way in when a nice guy was like oh no! thats the men’s room! followed by another guy saying the LADIES room is over THERE.. lol I think God lets that happen sometimes so we can laugh at ourselves!

  5. Too funny!! I’m relieved that I’m not the only one that does stuff like that… lol!

  6. Why didn’t they tell you?

  7. Sadly, I have done the same thing before. 🙂 It makes for a good story.

  8. Haha! I’m sorry, Alyssa! That’s really unfortunate! At least there weren’t many people who noticed 🙂

  9. Hahahaha you tell these so well! Made my day!

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