To My Best Friend

To Jeff, I so distinctly remember meeting you for the first time. We were at a wedding, you were wearing a bright blue collared shirt and looking so tan. I had butterflies and my palms were sweating at the thought of you coming over to talk to me. After we met, I remember looking at […]

Happy Anniversary!

Happy one-year anniversary to my hubby! Crazy, I can’t believe it’s already been one year.  This year has been quite the adventure! Traveled around the world, moved twice, became parents to our sweet puppy, started a candle company, both wrote a book, attended 6 weddings, and are currently traveling the U.S. on your book tour. […]

It’s Madness I Tell Ya!

Has anyone else felt like July has flown by, and you’re just catching your breath, trying to prepare yourself for August? The week Jeff and I got back from London, we immediately began to pack and move to our new little rental on the lake. Jet lag? Who has that? We were sprinting the moment […]

Morning Gone Awry

Alright ya’ll (confession: I’ve always wanted to live in the south and have a slight drawl…so it may come out at times!), I know I told you that I’d recap our traveling today (and I will soon, promise) but I just had to process out my crazy morning with you. So here it goes- Today […]

Those Darn Mason Jars

The other day I was alone in the house, trying to be a busy bee, cleaning the house before Jeff came home. I was in our kitchen trying to figure out how to get the sticky part of a label off of a mason jar. (I can’t help but keep every mason jar we get. […]

Lessons in Grace

Yesterday morning I woke up, ready to hit the ground running and check things off on my to-do list. First things first, I needed to book the hotel and buy our plane tickets to my best friend’s wedding. I had been researching and working out all the details the past few weeks, but now I […]

The Moment You Realize…

I’m flying home from Nashville alone today. Jeff is off on his man adventure–touring down the west coast in a hearse with 4 other guys on the Porn Kills Tour. (So cool!) I landed in Cincinnati with a 4-hour layover before my flight to Seattle. After a lovely lunch with friends, I went to the […]

Mysterious Black Bag

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Sunshine. Baby Rosalie born. Time with my Mom and Dad. Serving with my sweet husband. In celebration of the lovely day, my mom and I took Aslan for a walk at a new park. Meadows. Forest. Trails. Geese. Needless to say Aslan loved it! Well, as usual, he pooped during […]

The Pinterest Date

Last night when I picked Jeff up from work, he asked what I had done during the day and I mentioned that I had been rearranging my office. (I was desperately attempting to go through everything and organize since it’s been a war zone!) Apparently this greatly excited Jeff (he’s been trying to help organize […]