Morning Gone Awry - Jeff and Alyssa

Alright ya’ll (confession: I’ve always wanted to live in the south and have a slight drawl…so it may come out at times!), I know I told you that I’d recap our traveling today (and I will soon, promise) but I just had to process out my crazy morning with you. So here it goes-

Today is one of those days. You know…yep, that day when either you want to go back to bed to start it all over, or you’re downing coffee like no one’s business, trying to get through. It started out great- woke up to my alarm, the sun was shining, excited for an early start. I took Aslan out to his little dog run, telling him to “go potty” and “go poopy.” (Ah, yes, how I’ve embraced the role of a dog mother.) He looked at me like I was crazy. “What? You’re not going to walk me around the yard so I can sniff and run around!? You got to be kidding me!” Finally he did go potty, but purposefully held in the other so I would be forced to go out.

Okay. No worries. We’re getting there.

I made French press, and sat down in the sun filled room to eat my breakfast. Spilled a little coffee. Whoops! Aslan kept jumping up on the couch (which is a no no!), and sticking his tongue into my cereal bowl.  Gross! So I sat it down and took him out. Success.

I sat back down on the couch to start reading my bible- after 15 minutes, Aslan finally got distracted with one of his toys and chewed on that for awhile. I had a great study this morning- you know, one of those ones where you are processing things and God’s working in you, but you’re definitely in the processing stage…still in the messy. Aslan seemed sleepy so I went into the other bedroom to work on hanging up some curtain rods. Then it happened. He was silent for a long while, so I went in to see my little baby sleeping so soundly. But no. My bible study was torn up and thrown all over the living room. My memory verses were crumbled and shredded with the clip holding them together nowhere to be found. I looked at the culprit, and there he stood with my bible study in his mouth- running away from me. (He’s in this stage lately where he runs away from us- well, dodges us in the living room and we seriously cannot catch him. Which is saying a lot considering my husband’s amazing reflux skills.) Well that about did me in. Yes, I got mad when he ate a huge chunk out of our living room floor, and when he ate a hole in my favorite top from our honeymoon, and when he ate off the molding on our wall. BUT THIS. This was the final straw. It wasn’t just any book. But one of my absolute favorite studies that I’ve written in, processed with, grown through. Rascal!


Then you know, the other typical house-like problems: the screw won’t screw into the place you want, the washer breaks (even though it’s brand new- however, I must say, while waiting on the phone to speak to a repair man, my husband fixed it- what a guy!), & you crack an egg on your foot. All the while still in the processing phrase with what God’s teaching you, so you’re a little emotionally unstable.

Now, I know there are much worst things that could have happened- that do happen all the time- car accidents, illness, your washer floods, etc. But for today, this was all I needed to set me into a tearful moment. However, I know that God is good. I know that God knows me intimately and understands the stress of my morning. And I know God is allowing it to refine me and point me to my Savior. He is teaching me patience, and causing me to seek Him to know how to train Aslan. He is teaching me how to rely on His grace and to be thankful in the midst of broken down things, and things not working the way I would like. And He is teaching me to simply laugh when a raw egg slimes down on my bare foot- because frankly, that’s funny. God is in today. He is with me. He has provided all I need for today, for life and godliness. He is faithful to work in me, to carry me through and to give me wisdom in how to walk through this crazy thing called life.

Deep breathe.


Have you ever had a stressful morning? How does knowing God understands you and your circumstance, and that He is with you in it, comfort your heart?