Those Darn Mason Jars - Jeff and Alyssa

The other day I was alone in the house, trying to be a busy bee, cleaning the house before Jeff came home. I was in our kitchen trying to figure out how to get the sticky part of a label off of a mason jar. (I can’t help but keep every mason jar we get. They’re so practical and cute!) I decided to soak it in hot water, but since our sink doesn’t hold hot water, I started to fill up our huge popcorn bucket. Pulling a typical “Alyssa” I went into the other room to organize our books, completely forgetting about the running hot water. I ran upstairs to clean Jeff’s office; I must have been gone for at least 20 minutes. Coming back down into our dining room, I started to notice that our carpet had a big wet spot. Looking up a little further, I see this flowing stream of water coming down our kitchen floor. Freaking out I exclaim,

“Oh no! The washing machine must have blown up!” (a bit dramatic I know)

Bringing my eyes up a bit further, I suddenly recall that I had started running water for that stupid sticky label on the mason jar, and never turned it off! Water was flowing from our kitchen sink, down our cupboards, making a heavy river down into our carpet. “What do I do!? What do I do?!” It was like a slow motion Chariots of Fire Scene~ sliding across the wet floor, I lurch forward, stretching out my left arm to turn off the water.


I grab every towel in sight, lay them across the floor and start wiping. I get to the drawers, and notice that I must have left the silverware drawer open a smidge, which just so happens to be right by the sink. Opening it up, it’s like a flood came through! The silverware was floating in water. Drying them off one by one, standing on a soaked towel, I just begin to laugh at myself.

  1. I’m thankful no one was there to witness the scene except the Lord and I.
  2. I’m thankful for moments like these, where all you can do is laugh at yourself and thank the Lord for laughter in the midst of complete chaos.