The Pinterest Date - Jeff and Alyssa

photo-7Last night when I picked Jeff up from work, he asked what I had done during the day and I mentioned that I had been rearranging my office. (I was desperately attempting to go through everything and organize since it’s been a war zone!) Apparently this greatly excited Jeff (he’s been trying to help organize and get my office situated for me. Sweet man.) Sharing that I was at a loss as to where to go from here, Hero-Jeff jumped in and declared,

“Lyss! Let’s go home, brainstorm and make an official office for you tonight! We can make it our date. We can go to Lowe’s, Target, wherever! We’ll get it all decorated and organized for you.”

Seeing his excitement, and desperately wanting his help, I said “YES!” How exciting!

So we scurried home and in a matter of minutes Jeff had a lay out. (When he goes after something, he goes after it!) We grabbed a Starbucks through the drive-through and made our way to Lowe’s. OKAY. Since when did Lowe’s become so cool!? Maybe it’s something that happens when you get married, but man, we looked like little kids in a candy shop- big eyed, the world full of endless possibilities. What a fun date- lattes and Lowe’s.

After an hour and a half & lots of brainstorming, we came away with our materials:

Life-size white board


Turquoise spray paint



Drop cloth

Got it. Loaded up the car. Oh no. The life-size whiteboard wouldn’t fit in my little Suzuki. Okay. No worries. Plan B. Surfer-style. We tied it to the top of our car. (Thanks for the surf racks mom and dad!) As we drove off, Jeff looked at me and said, “Maybe we should both hold onto it through the window—just in case.” I gave him the “Really?” look—you know the one you give your husband when he suggests something that won’t be the most comfortable…mind you, it was 35 degrees out with windchill.

Rolling down our windows simultaneously, we both reached our hands out and grabbed the flimsy board. Down the road we went.

Boom-boom-boom. Whibble-whibble-whibble. A-Puff!

“Yes, this is happening.”

It may not have been the best idea to tie something so flimsy on our car while it was windy. It took every ounce of finger muscle to keep it down in the midst of the wind. We drove 20 miles per hour home- emergency lights on and off when needed- with stops to warm our hands up. And we laughed the whole way.


Finally, we made it home! And my hunk of a husband went to work. Seriously though. I hardly had to lift a finger. He spray painted, nailed, spray painted some more, and put the entire life size white board together! Oh, did I mention this was all at 9pm at night!?

My mission: go to Target—buy markers, and pick out a cute lamp.


When I got home the whole white-board was complete. First thing I wrote on it:

10,000 Reasons to Bless His Name~

  1. My hubby

We ended the night with two rounds of popcorn, reading, laughing and talking in bed. I call it the “Pinterest Date”. You should try it!