Our Salvation

In the middle of chapters talking about God’s judgment, his wrath, his anger towards Israel–his beloved people who have turned their backs against Him, again– and against the nations who have proudly gone their own way, glimmers this jewel, “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, & I will not be afraid; for the […]

Trembling to Trust

Sitting around the dining room table, all of us interns were facing one another, sharing some of our deepest dreams. The question had been asked, “If you could do anything, what would you do? No, really, what would you do?” A smile came to my lips. My heart fluttered a bit. It was so easy. […]

Fight for Faith

Did anyone else grow up watching The Prince of Egypt!? Still to this day, even after Bible College and studying abroad in Israel, I picture Moses and the exodus with the same cartoon characters and music. The Exodus. The story of how God saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, taking them on a long […]

Adorning Bravery

BRAVE COURAGEOUS FEARLESS Three words that have been on my heart lately. Never before, if I’m honest. Yes, I have had moments of courage, moments where I haven’t let fear get in the way of God’s calling or leading. But oh how I have given into fear. So often I let it stop me from […]

Lessons in Grace

Yesterday morning I woke up, ready to hit the ground running and check things off on my to-do list. First things first, I needed to book the hotel and buy our plane tickets to my best friend’s wedding. I had been researching and working out all the details the past few weeks, but now I […]

He is Able

With blow dryer in one hand and a round brush in another (just used one this weekend- life changer!), I was concentrating intensely on how to blow dry my hair like my hair dresser. You know—how they blow dry your hair with perfection—and quickly might I add! Let’s just say the Lord did not bless […]

Fumbling Bags

Jeff and I travel a lot—the first month of our marriage we went to 5 different states for conferences, youth camps and a radio taping! Needless to say my husband has mastered packing—he can throw everything together in his tiny suitcase (let’s be honest…it’s the size of my purse–and lighter) in 15 minutes flat. And […]


  Jeff and I had quite the adventure this past week—Philly, Connecticut, & Manhattan. (I think I’m still recovering from culture shock. I loved the east coast, but it is quite different from the west!) As wonderful as each of those places are, we were most excited for Manhattan. (Jeff LOVES Manhattan. He tells me […]


I so wanted to write a heartfelt blog on Valentine’s Day, but with the unexpected busyness of the day, my long list of to-do’s before we left for the weekend, and me simply wanting to soak up every bit of the day I could, it didn’t happen. But really, I think the Lord wanted the […]