Hope in Singleness

My good friend Jeff Cherry wrote a blog today about singleness. If you find yourself in this season of singleness, check it out here: The Purpose of Singleness. Thank you Jeff for your heart, wisdom and pointing it all back to Jesus. Although many people would say that I wasn’t single very long considering I got married […]

No Good Thing Part 2

As Psalm 84:11 came off my lips and onto the girls’ hearts a few weeks ago at bible study, the Spirit whispered to my very own heart. “Alyssa, and so it is with you. I withhold no good thing from you. Right now, in this very season of your life, I am working out my […]

No Good Thing

We were all gathered in a circle on my friend’s living room floor. I was gently opening their sweet gifts for my 23rd birthday. Sigh. I felt so blessed. Here were some of the dearest women in my life, all here to celebrate me. Seriously!? Pulling out the tissue paper, I pulled out a frame […]

Truth to Live By

Gifted. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Ann Voskamp. Author of One Thousand Gifts, her writing has had a HUGE impact on my life. The other night I was scrolling through twitter when I noticed she had posted a link to her blog. “A Life Plan When You’re Overwhelmed: Sanity […]


I’ve been living comfortably. Not that I haven’t had tearful nights and stressful, hard days—I have. But I’ve been clinging to my comfort. My desire to be in control. To know what’s next. To not risk too much because I know how deeply painful it is. I don’t like change. I don’t like challenges or […]

Learning to Slow Down

This weekend, I slammed my finger in the door (blood blister—yuck!), hit my head in the closet, hit my cheek bone on the bookcase, and took a HARD fall on the cement while running Aslan—you know, the slow motion fall where in the middle of it, you know it’s going to hurt—and then you hit […]

Living in the Busyness of Life

Massive notes. Highlighters. Library hours (and I hated the library). Study groups. Flash Cards. The memory game with my flash cards. No time to sleep. Late nights. Coffee. Studying in the shower (that’s right…laminated my notes). More coffee. And lots of prayer. Ah, yes. Finals week. Those days are so vivid in my mind. I […]

Know Him & Be Known

I’ve been studying through Isaiah this week and already just in chapter 1, I have been overwhelmed at our God. Our God is Incredible. Those names of God that I listed yesterday—that you listed yesterday—could go on and on. But what amazes me is that we can know Him. We- sinful, rebellious creation- were called […]

Our God Is…

Yesterday Jeff and I jumped into the Christmas celebration! We went to a tree farm down in “the country land” and cut down our first tree! (Well, Jeff cut it down- I just stood by, took photos and cheered him on.) It was a blast! Hot cocoa, foggy day, rain boots, jackets, candy canes, Christmas […]