What’s The Point Of Christmas?

Alyssa and I absolutely love Christmas. The cookies, the snow (well we live in Maui so we don’t get that anymore), the music, and all that good stuff. But what we also love is zooming in on the story of Jesus and His entrance into our world. There’s a few explosive things we sometimes miss out on that we see when we take a deeper look into the story. Watch below to see.

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  1. Simply curious toward the teaching and spreading of the Christmas idea. Knowing Jesus spiritual, we know he is not concerned with the physical nor does he want us to take on the traditions of man. Jesus had to come in flesh to resurrect as ordained by God. Why do you speak of Christmas? The true meaning of that holiday is false and in the book of Jeremiah chapter 10 the LORD clearly states not to take on this tradition. We have to be weary of what we teach and understand that the truth or God is to be carried out in its entirety, I chose Holy Days over holidays!

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