Come to Uganda with us!

Jeff and I are going to Uganda in June with some friends and we want all of you to come with us! Anyone can pay to come, but we are only giving away one free trip.

Here’s how you can enter to win a free trip:

1. Like “Dollar for the Poor” on Facebook

2. Find the contest photo at the top of the page.

3. Comment on the photo and tell us why you want to go.

4. Share the photo and get your friends to like your comment. The comment with the most likes by 7pm PST on Monday, March 11, 2013 wins!




  1. Wow this is so awesome!!

  2. What are the details of the trip? Like dates and stuff like that.

  3. Hi Alyssa!
    I was wondering if there was any information on paying for the trip. I would love to go and be apart of such an amazing experience. I love the contest, but I don’t do very well with them lol. Also, is the dollar for the poor trip once a year? I would love a response. Thank you & be blessed <3

    1. Hi Tatiana!
      Yes, the trip is once a year and you can totally apply to come regardless of winning the contest! The cost is $3100–check out the above link I replied to Sidney for any more info. Thanks girl!

  4. hello! you guys are so loving to sponsor someone a whole trip to uganda! you guys absolutely rock! I was just wondering, if you would give someone a free trip even if they live in australia? Because i do and i would love this experience.

    1. Hi Grace!
      I’m sure we would- write a comment and try to get as many likes as possible!

  5. How much would it be to pay?

    1. how do we pay to go?

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