This Girl & Service Dog Next To Each Other In Yearbook - Jeff and Alyssa

Absolutely love this story that’s on The Today Show’s website.

Great reminder that moments of kindness and thinking of others can have a lasting impact.


Rachel Benke has struggled with epileptic seizures since birth. She has been inseparable from Taxi (her dog pictured above) since they’ve had him. The article said that Taxi can sense seizures up to an hour and a half before it actually happens and alerts teachers or parents. Taxi always also stays at Rachel’s left side because that is where she is most prone to fall when she has a seizure.

When school photos rolled around, the photographer had Taxi pose for a few photos as well. Low and behold the yearbook comes out and Taxi’s picture actually made it in right next to Rachel’s.

A small act of kindness from the photographer, and then the school, brought a lasting beautiful memory. Let’s look to make moments of love and kindness wherever we can. Look for opportunities to bring value to everyone around you. Who knows the ripples it’ll make.


*Here’s Rachel pictured with Taxi and her family*

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