The Trailer For 'Exodus: God & Kings' Looks EPIC - Jeff and Alyssa

Love the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s adaption of the Exodus narrative. Already from the trailer it seems there’s a little creative license taken (for one, it looks like Batman is playing Moses), but I’m always a fan of the biblical narratives put on the big screen.

For one, Hollywood is able to make them extremely epic productions due to large budgets that allows you to really feel the weight and gravity of the story that sometimes a flannel board can’t do. And secondly, I always love when a biblical narrative, even if license is taken (for example, Moses wasn’t white. Why do they always mess this one up?), is at the forefront of the cultural conversation. The Bible is so multifaceted and beautiful that putting it on center stage allows for great conversation opportunities. Exodus is one of my favorite books and is run thick with incredible¬†imagery of justice, grace, mercy, judgement, and redemption.

Can’t wait to see this in December.

What do you think? Will you go see it?

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