Spoken For - Jeff and Alyssa

Alright ya’ll (I know I’m not southern, but I was just in Texas so it may come out a bit more), I know I have not blogged in F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Part of the reason, is because I’ve been busy typing away at my first book! (Whoo hoo!) It’s almost completed, so I’m hoping I can now jump back into blogging.

But since I’ve been holding this secret in for so long, I’m dying to tell you about it. I co-authored a book with my good friend and mentor, Robin Jones Gunn, called Spoken For. I read Robin’s first book series, The Christy Miller Series, when I was 15, and from there really started to walk with the Lord. 8 years later, Robin and her husband moved to Maui, and started to attend the same church I was interning at. We hit it right off, and immediately became close. I deeply value Robin’s wisdom, and her love for the Lord.

Last December she called me wondering if I’d like to write a book with her. (Um, YES!) And so here we are, almost a year later, finishing up the last touches. Spoken For is a letter from our hearts to young women regarding their deepest longing. Knowing myself, and many other friends and girls I’ve met throughout the years, I believe every girl and woman longs to be loved, to be cherished, to be pursued. Regardless if you play the tough guy or the girly girl, I believe the Lord put that longing into each of our hearts from our very beginning. It’s a beautiful longing. A good longing. But a longing that is fully and wholly fulfilled in Jesus. Yes, your parents will love you and your boyfriend pursues you (girl, he best be pursuing you!), and your husband will cherish you, but nothing compares to Jesus’ love, affection and care for you and your heart. Nothing you’ve done, do, or will do will every change His love for you. He desires you. Wants you. Is for you.

Robin and I sit down and open our hearts up to you as we relay our personal stories- the good, the bad and the ugly, and how God shone true through it all.

I am so excited for this little baby to come out! April 2014. But until then, we really need your help with deciding on which cover to go with. We have two options. Please click on which one you like best by October 8th. The cover with the most votes will be it!

Thanks for helping ya’ll! (last time, I promise) Cheers!


To check out Robin’s books, visit her shop here.