Q&A on Dating and Relationships - Jeff and Alyssa

My creative (& extremely handsome) husband and I did a Q & A last night answering a handful of dating and relationship questions. I was laughing at myself before we started because I was soooo nervous! I mean, we’re talking pitted out arms, butterflies in my stomach and a few moments where my brain froze. Oh man. But it was so fun to be able to share a little about what we have learned over the years through the word, wise mentors, and our own experiences. We certainly do not have all of the answers, or know it all (can I get an amen!?) but I pray that it can be used to uplift and encourage your hearts. Here’s the link if you missed it last night.

In lieu of February being the love month, my goal is to post topics relating to love. Personal stories. Lessons. Pinterest fun. So stay tuned and if you have any topics you’d like to talk about, please let me know! Love you ladies!