Our New Podcast Is Here!!

Alyssa and I are SOOO excited to announce our new Podcast, “Anything & Everything” is here!! You can subscribe and listen to it on iTunes by clicking here. Or you can listen on the player below. Also, we love you guys and appreciate your feedback so let us know what you specifically liked or didn’t so we can keep making it better going forward! Yahoo! Hope it encourages you all 😀



  1. Hey Jeff! Do you know if I can access your podcast on a Droid?

    1. You can download a podcast app in the google play store. I downloaded Podcast Addict, then looked up Jefferson Bethke and all of his podcasts were there 🙂 Hope this helps,
      God Bless!

  2. Great this is awesome!!! I love your videos on Youtube!

  3. Loved it! Great jobs you guys! So encouraging!

  4. Hi Jeff! I LOVE love love the fact that you created this postcast. I am excited that there is something out there that I can listen to, that is good for my soul, spirit and heart rather than the music of this generation which surfaces feelings of hurt, disgust and sadness. After listening to the first podcast, I feel so much lighter and happy to kind of have a “guide” (someone with good words) while I clean my house or workout. Thank-you. Very good work.

  5. Hi Jeff, don’t know if you are aware of the podcast awards. At this link: http://podcastawards.com/index.php?option=index Just to let you know I nominated your and Allyssa’s podcast under the religous/inspirational category. You two are awesome!

  6. Jeff i.dont see anymore postcast

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