Our Little Bundle of Joy - Jeff and Alyssa

Growing up, I remember the classic Christmas stories: Home Alone, White Christmas (our family fave), The Santa Clause, & National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I vividly remember watching Miracle on 34th Street and falling in love with the puppy under the Christmas tree at the end of the story- big red bow, adorable. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of getting a yellow lab (or golden retriever) on Christmas morning. One year I got a gold fish! That was exciting!

Well, on Tuesday that dream came true!

Jeff had told me earlier that week that he had to drive down to Oregon on Tuesday for a business trip. I busily worked through the day, and then at 4pm he called me and said “So while I was down in Oregon I picked up your Christmas gift…you know, no sales tax there. But it’s really big, so I need you to go in the guest room, close the door and turn up the music really loud as I bring the box in and hide it somewhere.”

Totally oblivious I said, “Sure babe”.

3 minutes later, I hear Jeff calling my name. Coming out to the living room, I started to say “Hi Jeffey. How was your da….”

And there under our glowing Christmas tree was an adorable, yellow lab with a big red and white striped bow tied around his collar.

“Merry Christmas Lyss. I wanted to give you your gift early. Surprise!”

My heart immediately melted. 1. For my husband who is so thoughtful- he not only got us a puppy, but also remembered my wish to have a Christmas puppy with a red bow! And 2. For our new buddy.

Ah! He’s adorable. Absolutely adorable. He is the sweetest guy, who loves to play, but also still takes lots of puppy naps, right by my feet. I’m so thankful for our little bundle of joy.

Everyone, please meet Aslan. “Azzy” for short.