Why it’s important in marriage, and how to work through common problems.

Month 3!!! Who's ready?!?!

If y'all remember, we held a poll last month to see what you guys wanted to do for month 3 and it was a much tighter race than anticipated! ha But in the end, sex won out ๐Ÿ˜€


That's right.

We are going to zone in on sex and all things related -theology, pain points, encouragement, common problems, etc.

And let's be honest. While sex is great and a gift, it has come to be a pain point for many, and something that so many of us struggle with in the dark with no one to talk to about our struggles, fears, hurts, worries, problems, etc

So this month we are going to talk about. Honestly. Openly. And hopefully get all our marriages a little farther along, not so that we'd have crazy awesome sex but mainly so that we can come to an understanding of just how great and beautiful and rich and deep and awesome of a gift it is for intimacy with your spouse.

So buckle up, get your questions ready, and get excited for this month. Also we will be doing lot's of question and answer type things this month, some anonymously so feel free to start thinking of those.

ALSO make sure to take a look at the PDF attached!! As usual, maybe glance through to prepare for our webcast, and plan out the best way for you guys to attack the questions and curriculum this month!

TOPIC: Sex: Why It's Important, and How To Work Through Common Problems

WEBCAST: May 6th, 4pm PST.

See y'all soon!

Jeff + Alyssa


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