Money, Finances, Marriage

And all the things in between

Month 5 is here! And we are talking about MONEY!! We can’t wait to see what the Lord does in this month for our marriages.


There was A LOT we could cover, and we didn’t want it to feel overwhelming or scattered, so here is what we did this month that is different than the previous months. You will notice the usual setup  below, with a 4-week overview. But, we wanted that to be as general as possible and a good starting point with the lowest common denominator so that everyone could get something out of it. There are also a lot more detailed and specific questions we all have about money.

We added a pretty large size appendix (almost long enough to be its own short book!) with a few excellent resources. The appendix you can treat more like an all you can eat buffet. Take what you want, leave what you don’t. It’s not all necessary, and we don’t expect you to go through it all. But if you do, there are a few sections — the first being short, concise paragraphs with thoughts and questions on a range of financial topics. Second, we added in our Love That Lasts curriculum chapter on money. This is relatively extensive, and you and your spouse could both go through it. (Please note, the curriculum is written from Alyssa’s voice since the guy’s version is the exact same just with a changed voice, and we didn’t want to add a bunch of duplicate content. So guys, just switch the “her” for the “him” and you get the point :D)

Thirdly, we have some AMAZING friends at Brightpeak Financial. They are a billion dollar privately owned Christian financial institution. They are incredible and have a million resources on money, finance, freedom, etc. I emailed them and asked if they’d be willing to let us have any of their awesome (paid) resources for free! And they said yes. So you’ll find those at the end as well. OK, that’s all for now. Let’s do this!

TOPIC: Money, Finances, Marriage and all the things in between

WEBCAST: July 2nd 4pm PST.

See Y’all soon!
Jeff + Alyssa


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