Reflecting On The Year

It’s the month of December, which means it’s a perfect time to slow down, reflect, and look back on the last year while looking forward to the next. We can’t wait to see what the Lord does this month!

This month’s webcast: December 3rd 3:15PM, PST

See y’all soon!

Jeff + Alyssa

Week 1 – Remembering

Week 2 – Celebrating the wins

Week 3 – Hard Times and Growth

Week 4 :

This week is the last week of the year, with Christmas and New Year being one of our favorite weeks of the year. Because of this, we want to make this week a little light as to allow for a time of rest and special time as a couple and family, instead of an active thing to add to your to-do list.

For this final week, head over to the Facebook Group and let’s all share a few nuggets from this month’s curriculum. Maybe reflect in the group on standouts from the actual curriculum and all the topics we’ve gone through since March of 2018!

What has the Lord taught you guys or what was your favorite month? Why? What is one hope or dream you have for 2019?

Let us all know in the group so we can be praying, celebrating, and dreaming together!

Love you guys!


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