Life is Beautiful || My Week in a Nutshell

20407004531959939_SeVd9DlD_cSleeping in. Warm bed. Keurig coffee. Cozy blankets. Red mugs. New bible study. Praying with Jeff. Shopping. Returning. Exchanging. Les Miserables—Russell Crow sings!?—overdose on popcorn. Favorite TV show marathonsyes, that’s plural. Burning the pot stickers & pan. Antique stores. Girl time. Coffee date. Dog Trainier. Whoot! Writing. Cleaning. New Vacuum—double whoot! Laundry—how did we wear that much!?—Visit with a dear friend. Tummy-hurt laughs. Thai food. YUM. New book. Convicting. Changing my world upside down. Do I really trust Him with everything? Vet visit. Puppy treats. More puppy treats. Errands. More laundry. Surprise date with my Jeffey: SEAHAWS GAME TOMORROW! Plan to work out. Still planning to work out…still in sweats. No shower. Waiting to work out. Let’s go girl! Emails. Pandora. Photos. Hot cocoa. Bubbling hot cocoa. Burned hot cocoa pan. Need to clean the bathrooms…maybe tomorrow? Amazon packages. Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Amazon budget now in place. “Can I have a book budget of $100 per month?” Husband said. “No way Jose!” said I. “But if you read 5 books you already have and write a book report on each one, you can buy one book”. “Deal.” Book budget now in place. Soft glow of evening lights. Quiet house. Puppy sleeping. Husband creating.

Thankful for this week. Thankful for this day. Thankful for my Savior, Creator, Convictor, Healer, and Potter.



  1. So cool. Great writing style. When it comes to working out and cleaning it is the thought that counts!! 😉

  2. And Thank you for always making me remember. You are getting quite the following and I love reading and learning from you everyday. You help my mind, heart, & soul about healing and BELIEVING!!!!! I love you my sweet niece.:)

  3. Love this, keep it up!

  4. haha, i love your book budget!

  5. Your Jeff has inspired me, many times, to share his YouTube videos with many, many people I care about helping, including my children… giving them a better understanding…now reading your blogs…I feel like I have found an entirely new inspiration…I just love the way you write, I feel somehow connected somewhat more with The Lord. I’m definitely not a religious person, however I feel as if I have a spiritual side awaiting to grow! Thanks again…looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  6. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Life is Beautiful || My Week in a Nutshell | Alyssa Joy, thanks for the good read!
    — Norman

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