New Season. Big Changes. - Jeff and Alyssa

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Hey everyone!


If you are at this page you are most likely here because you saw the Life Today Interview with James Robison. Man, I had such a blast! I think we recorded that interview back in May sometime and it’s crazy to think how much has changed and progressed since then.


James and Betty were so kind and gracious. I felt very welcome and humbled by all their staff. Not to mention it was a full audience which made it more lively!


If you watched it though you noticed towards the end James begin to ask my about my plans and heart for the future. I shared with him my testimony of growing up in a very urban, inner city, context. Because of that I’ve always had a heart for urban ministry. At the time of the interview there were some things in the works but what is awesome is a lot of those things have officially become a reality already!


Me and a few of my buddies have officially launched “For The King” ministries! The best way to describe it would be as an urban based ministry aimed at young adults and college students. We are starting in Tacoma, a city with 3 universities and 2 community colleges. By the end of September we will have launched with a weekly gathering (every Friday), small groups (or as we call them, fight clubs to fight against sin and for our faith), a website (ForTheKing.TV), and outreach events to engage the culture and city around us. As well, we want to equip and encourage young adults to serve and plugin to a Jesus-loving church in our region. As I mentioned on the show my heart has always been to be the hands AND feet ministry without sacrificing one for the other. If you are in the South Puget Sound area, come visit us this fall! We already have a core group of a couple hundred college students and are very excited to see where God will take this! We are working by God’s grace to be faithful stewards while telling as many people as we can about Jesus.


I really believe in this mission and I really think God has called me, my fiancee Alyssa, and a few of my other friends to join God in what He is already doing amongst people in my area. Because of that I will be scaling back from traveling and speaking and will invest more time into For The King (don’t worry though I still will be traveling! Just not a crazy amount as before). Because traveling and speaking is my primary source of income to sustain not only me but also my future marriage I’ve definitely had to trust God on this one.


At the end of the interview, James directed people to my website and asked them to give and help support. Over the last couple months since the interview we have been planning, strategizing, and have just begun fundraising. We realized very quickly an endeavor like this takes a decent amount of kingdom minded people who are willing to give to the mission. If you are willing, we would be extremely humbled for you to consider supporting us and give to our efforts and the movement of God’s grace in Tacoma. (I have marked a few ways to do that below). You can check out the website, come visit us in Tacoma, WA, or watch us through the online portal as we will be updating often. But regardless we would love if you would help support what we are doing.



  • Bibles for incoming college students.

  • Start up costs for outreach events like neighborhood BBQ’s, quick one day mission trips in our surrounding area, and other similar things.

  • Staffing and operational costs (Having the resources and support means that we can invest more in the students and mission around us).

  • Funding to help sponsor resource giveaways of gospel centered books, CD’s, etc at our local weekly gathering.

  • Sponsorship for camps, retreats, and other trips we will be taking for those students who can’t afford it.



We are in the process of getting our 501c3 status right now (should be approved in the next month or two). Until then you can make donations to Fireproof Ministries (one of our partner and parent ministries) and they will get directed to us as long as you click the “For The King” tab on their site. Here are three ways you can do that.


1. Donate securely online at this link ( In the drop down,  select ‘For The King’.

2. Mail a check to Fireproof Ministries and in the memo put ‘For The King’.


-Po Box 50048 Pasadena Ca 91115


3. Pray, Pray, Pray. We are going to need it! Pray that grace would abound in the hearts of college students all over the Tacoma area.

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Finally, I’m beyond humbled and thankful to all of you who follow my blog, email me with encouragement, and constantly let me know you are praying for me. That alone means the world. Overwhelmed at God’s grace that He would let me partake in His mission the way He does. He doesn’t need any of us one bit, but He loves and wants us all a whole lot. Excited to see where this season of grace takes us!