Beware of New Knives!

A few weeks ago, I was in the kitchen busily making up some Pioneer Woman Spaghetti Sauce for that night. My small group girls were coming over for dinner, and I was so excited to make something homemade.

Cutting up the onion and green peppers, I told Jeff, “Wow, this knife is amazing! I’ve never used such a sharp knife before!”

Then an hour later as the sauce was bubbling over the stove, I started to wash the dishes. Grabbing that knife, it slipped out of my soapy hand and sliced right through my finger.

“J—-E—-F—-F—–I—-NEED—-YOU—-N—–O—–W!!!!!!!!!! JEFF!!!!!!!!!!”

Running down the stairs, my husband comes to the sink and sees blood gushing out of my finger like a geyser. I was crying and screaming. He calmly wrapped my finger with a paper towel, and called to get my insurance info; He knew this one would call for stitches.

Running out to the car, (mind you, this was late morning. I was busy cooking and getting the house ready, so of course I hadn’t thought to take a shower, put on normal clothes, or even my contacts! Note to self: Do what’s necessary right when you wake up. You never know if you’ll have to be rushed away!)

Now really, this is so comical, because it only ended up being 3 stitches. UrgentCare got me in right away and my handsome husband filled out all my paperwork and was by my side the whole time. My doctor sang songs and recited a play he had written when he had graduated from his residency-35 years ago. Now it was only a slight scare, but for me who doesn’t do well with blood and who has never had an “emergency”, 3 stitches goes a long way in my book!

This little scar will remind me of our first month as newlyweds- new knives & growing moments.



  1. Lol, It’s a funny story now, but at the time it was scary. Definitely one for the books! It’s so great to know that your husband was there for you the whole time. Such a blessing. I hope your finger is better now 🙂 Take care of yourself Alyssa.

  2. Awww, poor you! I love your stories of newly married life, they’re hilarious!

  3. Having been to the ER more times than I care to count, I learned long ago to get ready right when I get up for that very reason! Glad you are OK!

  4. Just finished a final & kept telling myself to finish so I could read your blog! Anyways, thank you for the good laugh. Of course, I’m laughing at you for cutting your finger, but that it is so true! New knives are the worst but also really nice, because the are so sharp.

  5. I just want to say that you look great even without having gotten ready before the cut happened. 🙂
    I have cut myself while cooking lots of times. Someone wise showed me how to hold a tomato, potato, carrot while tucking my fingers under so they aren’t available for slicing. just a tip.
    May the Lord continue to bless you. Love blog, love the photography, love the awesome work you and your husband do for the kingdom. Keep on keeping on!

  6. My husband and I had been together for a month when I was washing MY new knives in the sink. I got the towel to dry the chefs knife and did not realize that I had the cutting part of the blade facing my hand. As I slid it along the towel, it slid right through my hand, all the way down to the bone! 8 stitches for me! So I too have a newlywed knife scar!! Praying you heal up just fine!!

  7. Alyssa, I love reading your blog 🙂 It’s so encouraging for me to read. I have been thinking of starting my own blog, so it’s awesome to see for myself how wonderful they can be! By the way, you remind me of me… injuring myself tends to a be a pattern in my life. Thank you for dedication to The Lord and your willingness to include us all in your daily walks with Him!

  8. I got married at the end of September and I had something very similar to this happen to me! I was doing the dishes and our drain stopper liked to suction itself in our drain and I couldn’t get it out. I finally got it out and when I looked down at my thumb, there was a river of red gushing out of it! Luckily I didn’t need stitches! I hope your finger heals well!

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