Beware of New Knives! - Jeff and Alyssa

A few weeks ago, I was in the kitchen busily making up some Pioneer Woman Spaghetti Sauce for that night. My small group girls were coming over for dinner, and I was so excited to make something homemade.

Cutting up the onion and green peppers, I told Jeff, “Wow, this knife is amazing! I’ve never used such a sharp knife before!”

Then an hour later as the sauce was bubbling over the stove, I started to wash the dishes. Grabbing that knife, it slipped out of my soapy hand and sliced right through my finger.

“J—-E—-F—-F—–I—-NEED—-YOU—-N—–O—–W!!!!!!!!!! JEFF!!!!!!!!!!”

Running down the stairs, my husband comes to the sink and sees blood gushing out of my finger like a geyser. I was crying and screaming. He calmly wrapped my finger with a paper towel, and called to get my insurance info; He knew this one would call for stitches.

Running out to the car, (mind you, this was late morning. I was busy cooking and getting the house ready, so of course I hadn’t thought to take a shower, put on normal clothes, or even my contacts! Note to self: Do what’s necessary right when you wake up. You never know if you’ll have to be rushed away!)

Now really, this is so comical, because it only ended up being 3 stitches. UrgentCare got me in right away and my handsome husband filled out all my paperwork and was by my side the whole time. My doctor sang songs and recited a play he had written when he had graduated from his residency-35 years ago. Now it was only a slight scare, but for me who doesn’t do well with blood and who has never had an “emergency”, 3 stitches goes a long way in my book!

This little scar will remind me of our first month as newlyweds- new knives & growing moments.