Germany: Deutschland

The first stop to our month long trip: Germany, or Deutschland, as the locals would say. Willow Creek, a church in Chicago, puts on a leader’s conference every year in Germany, and this year they wanted Jeff to come out to speak to youth leaders. Germany was great-castles & schnitzel (that’s right- we embraced that schnitzel!), but the highlight for both Jeff and me was the conference.

Jeff did a couple of his spoken words, which they translated in German on the big screen, and then spoke on the prodigal son story. He had an interpreter, which was so fun! If you’ve ever seen Jeff preach before, or seen one of his videos, you know how he uses his hands like crazy to make his points come across, or how he paces the stage. Well, this guy mimicked Jeff to a T. When Jeff put his hands up, the interpreter did. When Jeff went to the left, so did the interpreter. When Jeff rubbed his forehead in thought, so did the interpreter. But the coolest thing about it, the thing that gave me chills, was hearing God’s word and truth spoken in another language.

And it hit me—not that I didn’t know this before, but it was as though it became alive before my eyes that day—God is a God of all the nations. He created every language, every culture, every race. And He desires all-ALL- to come to Him. He knows every language, every cultural custom, every heart’s desire. And one day when Jesus returns, and the kingdom of heaven is brought to earth- a redeemed earth- and when we brothers and sisters bow before His throne worshipping our beautiful Savior, there will be people from every nation, language, tribe, culture & generation. He makes Himself known. He pursues and draws us to Himself. How big is our God!






IMG_0524This was a castle in Heidelberg from 350 A.D! The Heidelberg Catechism was from here.



  1. Looks beautiful Alyssa! You keep on being a strong sister in the Lord! <3

  2. Hey Alyssa,
    I’m from germany and I live only one hour away so it’s such a pity that I didn’t know that you will visit Heidelberg. You are right, God is a God of all nations like it says in psalm 67:5. Our god is a mighty god worthy of all praise!
    I’m so proud to know you as my brothers and sisters in Christ! God bless you and greetings from the beautiful Schwarzwald!
    p.s. If you visit Schwarzwald make sure to try the well-known Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte 🙂

  3. It was really amazing to see Jeff preach at the conference. It was my first time attending and also my first time hearing of him and it was just awesome! You just have to notice how much he loves God and Jesus and how the holy spirit is speaking right through him. I was really impressed and added him right after the conference on youtube. Due to an accident I couldn’t attend the whole conference but it taught me so much netherless. And I’m so grateful that you guys were there! Before the conference I actually had no idea about how many (young!!) people in Germany have the opportunity to listen to the real gospel. Again, so thankful to both of you for coming! You guys are really sweet and of course I watched a few videos on his channel including your wedding. You’re a true inspiration and I pray that I will be able to reach a lot of people with sharing the gospel like you guys. Keep it up! And of course, come to Germany again soon! God bless you.Or in german:
    Gott segne euch (^-^)

    Anne from Berlin

  4. All I can say is wow…as you explain that God is a God to all nations…I was amazed at how true that is…like you I knew that as well but when you explained how Jeff message was being translated in another language give me chills as well. The Gospel shall be spread all over this world…blown away at how awesome and how big our God is 🙂 Thanks

  5. so so true! loved that last paragraph! and such great pictures! glad you both had a wonderful time! 🙂

  6. Hi Alyssa, I’m glad you both had such a wonderful time in Germany! I study German at university in London and completely agree that it’s a profound experience to hear God’s word in another language! Can’t wait to hear more about your European travels…enjoy! 🙂 much love from London

  7. Oh wow, that gave me chills.

  8. I bet that was so beautiful to hear the Word spoken in German. It always moves me too to step back and realize that God speaks every language and is the same God to us all. So wonderful! What a blessing that y’all are getting to travel together!

  9. Wow! What an awesome post! I’m from Cape Town, South Africa and to be reminded of the fact that all nations, people groups, tongues and generations who have been redeemed through Christ can look forward to eternity with our Saviour is an awesome way to end my hectic day! God bless you my sister. D

  10. So grateful that you choose to share both the personal and the profound. It highlights how God works in both the small and large ways. How awesome to hear Jeff’s poems translated into German! Then the experience of hearing God’s word in another language. Wow. Can’t wait to hear more.

  11. I just gotta share, I’m always so blessed by your blogs! As an engaged lady in the midst of planning a wedding your blogs encourage me to focus more on what’s most important; the marriage that comes after 😉 thank you!!

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