First Valentine's Day with the Hubs - Jeff and Alyssa

86ed56be57aa54b0e6d4444b84de469eWell, Valentine’s Day was a success! (Minus the minor learning moment when I discovered Jeff didn’t like the dessert I made because it had blueberries in it. I on the other hand quite enjoyed it. But that’s the cool thing about marriage- you learn new things every day!) I worked like a little busy bee all day trying to get things ready. Rolling homemade quinoa meatballs, baking dessert in the oven, writing notes on every piece of chocolate leading upstairs, and the best part…putting up our tent in the living room for our picnic dinner. Quite the optimist, I somehow fit this large structure in our living room! (Amazing how much smaller something looks outside…) Twinkling lights, blankets, pillows—quite the cozy evening.

But the best part was simply enjoying the evening with my best friend. Valentine’s Day marked our 4th month anniversary! And can I say that marriage gets sweeter each day?! I love Jeff more than I when I said “I do”, which makes me so excited for the next 30 years—how much deeper and stronger our love will grow for each other.

I am so thankful for the husband the Lord blessed me with—His choice. I understand more fully God’s patient, forgiving, tender love through my husband. How he pursues me and wraps his arms around me when I want to flee or shut down; how he takes care of me and dotes on me love that I certainly don’t deserve; how Jeff lifts me up before our Father and shepherd’s my heart. Calls me on my sin. Leads me with wisdom. Cherishes me so sweetly.

My husband is a strong, passionate, tender, faithful, ambitious man who humbly seeks the Lord and trusts in Him. How thankful I am for his leadership, friendship and love.