First Valentine’s Day with the Hubs

86ed56be57aa54b0e6d4444b84de469eWell, Valentine’s Day was a success! (Minus the minor learning moment when I discovered Jeff didn’t like the dessert I made because it had blueberries in it. I on the other hand quite enjoyed it. But that’s the cool thing about marriage- you learn new things every day!) I worked like a little busy bee all day trying to get things ready. Rolling homemade quinoa meatballs, baking dessert in the oven, writing notes on every piece of chocolate leading upstairs, and the best part…putting up our tent in the living room for our picnic dinner. Quite the optimist, I somehow fit this large structure in our living room! (Amazing how much smaller something looks outside…) Twinkling lights, blankets, pillows—quite the cozy evening.

But the best part was simply enjoying the evening with my best friend. Valentine’s Day marked our 4th month anniversary! And can I say that marriage gets sweeter each day?! I love Jeff more than I when I said “I do”, which makes me so excited for the next 30 years—how much deeper and stronger our love will grow for each other.

I am so thankful for the husband the Lord blessed me with—His choice. I understand more fully God’s patient, forgiving, tender love through my husband. How he pursues me and wraps his arms around me when I want to flee or shut down; how he takes care of me and dotes on me love that I certainly don’t deserve; how Jeff lifts me up before our Father and shepherd’s my heart. Calls me on my sin. Leads me with wisdom. Cherishes me so sweetly.

My husband is a strong, passionate, tender, faithful, ambitious man who humbly seeks the Lord and trusts in Him. How thankful I am for his leadership, friendship and love.





  1. I desire a marriage similar to this so deeply. Definitely looking forward to days like this! <3

  2. Alyssa,
    I love reading and hearing about the relationship and marriage the two of you possess and it warms this single heart. Praying to the Lord every time I read a post from you or Jeff or watching a Q & A and tell God that I can’t wait to have the kind of Godly and Inspiring relationship the two of you possess. It is a blessing to see the two of you quantify what a holy marriage should entail. I speak the blessings of the Father over your relationship, marriage and work. I bless you with continued closeness to one another as you continue to pursue the Father’s Heart. Be blessed today!

    1. Thank you Joshua! So sweet!

  3. This was my husband and I’s second married Valentine’s Day and I also had a learning moment – I was busy rolling pie dough (that wasn’t quite cooperating) to make the sweet little heart shaped tarts that I had been planning for weeks when my hubby came in the room to propose something a little more intimate… I was in such a tizzy from my failed pie dough that I promptly turned him down- something I regretted the moment I saw his face fall. The lesson I learned – don’t get too stuck on how YOU want to serve your husband and instead take cues from how he is asking to be served.

      1. Melissa! I wish! I was going to take a photo and didn’t…bummer. I guess I’ll just have to do it again!

    1. This is great counsel! we will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and have two little girls. So imagine my response on just any given day. But so thankful for that reminder…

    2. Melissa, what an awesome and powerful word.

  4. Alyssa. you are a sweetheart! I’m currently watching y’alls Q&A on relationships. you are too precious. I am so grateful for every girl that is able to watch that and be encouraged. The Lord has blessed y’all with wisdom and I love everything y’all had to say! So glad y’all had a great Valentine’s Day! Marriage is a SWEET thing! We’re a year and a half in and we’re forever learning about each other and loving each other more!

  5. You and jeff are so inspiring. His videos on youtube and your blog… yall have a beautiful relationship:)
    God Bless.

  6. I loved reading this!! I’m excited to wait on God’s perfect timing so that I too can someday say the same things about my husband. I’m glad you two had a great Valentine’s Day!

  7. Alyssa I absolutely love all your posts! You are so encouraging and I look up to you so much. The marriage that God has blessed you and Jeff with is so inspiring and I pray that I can have a marriage like that some day. Thank you so much for all the truth you pour out to all of us. When I tell my friends about you two I always say how you’re my “go-to” couple because I’ve learned so much from the videos and blog posts 🙂 God has truly given you a gift..keep using it for his glory!

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