Christmas Rest

44402746295584699_K28tRGMc_bIt’s 8am, lights aglow in the house, hot coffee waiting to be sipped in my red Christmas mug, Aslan is jumping on the gate and whining for me to play with him; I’m sitting here in my pajamas desperately trying to think of something to write about. Hmmm…

Take Aslan out to potty. Run around the block twice…yes, in my rainboots. (Probably look like a crazy woman- rainboots, green sweatshirt with my hood on, hair flowing in my face, and a puppy taking the reigns.) Bring Aslan upstairs to wake up my husband. Lots of tail wags, kisses and…oh no! He discovered my hair…biting my hair, now my chin. Okay, time to go back downstairs. Sun rising. Beautiful horizon. Another day.

Ah yes, Christmas vacation. I have always loved this time of year. Time with family, friends (especially old ones you only see once a year when they come home for the holidays!); a time for rest and reflection. Time to cuddle up under a cozy blanket and read a book. (I’m reading one right now that is wrecking me! A good– no great– kind of wrecking. More soon!)

At this very moment, all I want is to rest in my Father’s arms. To spend today with Him. To pray and wait to hear from Him. To start thanking Him for this past year, and to start preparing my heart as I enter into this next one.

Christmas vacation is a perfect time rest. To be with Jesus. Yes, it can be full of fun activities. But I’m finding that I can also get away and just be with Him. In the midst of a busy month, I’m so thankful to just be. To read. To pray. To seek His face. In the midst of life, in the midst of the fun and the activity, I want to be with Jesus.

“Jesus, have your way in me. Draw me near to You. May you be my greatest treasure this Christmas season.”

What is God showing you this Christmas season? How can you take special time to get away with Him?



  1. Ah so true. God was whispering to me yesterday to take time out and just be, with him. This month has been a crazy busy one to the point of getting run down, so to have nothing planned other than having some quality time with God was much needed and yearned for. To spend time in praise and worship and reflect on this year and dream for the next, to just be still with him while he speaks….. Bliss!

  2. I work in ministry. I feel like I’m around God-stuff so much in December, getting ready for Christmas.
    I’ve definitely realized how I haven’t opened a Bible in a few weeks except to prepare for messages or whatever related to others. What a horrible reality… so burnt out but not going to the source of life. Today I took a book off the bookstore called “Daring to Draw Near” (in prayer). Thanks for the reminder of just desiring Jesus.

  3. God has been teaching me how fast time goes. I got married in August and it’s already almost January. He is teaching me to enjoy it, and to not take for granted how much he can do before 2013 gets here.


  4. Thank you for the reminder..i will make time to this weekend. maybe we somehow feel we need permission to slow down and just “rest”, especially for a whole day. But what a beautiful reflect, pray and feel blessed.

  5. I recently gave my life to Jesus this year, and for the first time God showed me what Christmas was all about. I was so excited to know the Lord and know that I am his. I am grateful to know him and continue to grow closer to him. I wasn’t reading my bible to spend time with him and to grow closer to him. But I started today and gosh how refreshing it was and comforting.

    1. Congrats! 🙂 Remember it’s about progress not perfection. Praying for you 🙂

    2. That’s so awesome Taylor! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. What does your alone time with the Lord look like?

    1. Hi Alexia!
      I like to spend time with Him in the morning with my coffee 🙂 Usually it involves reading some scripture, praying and journaling. And when I can, I like to pray aloud in the car when I have long enough trips. But I really have so much more to grow in! I want to spend more time with Him- time to just sit and talk with Him.

      1. Alyssa, thanks for responding 🙂
        Do you follow a plan a reading plan or go through certain books or do different readings, etc? Also, how much time do you usually spend with Jesus and your coffee?
        … coffee is still growing on me. I’m a sophomore in college and I REALLY wanna like it but it just doesn’t taste the way it smells 🙂

  7. God has been teaching me how fast time goes. I got married in August and it’s already almost January. He is teaching me to enjoy it, and to not take for granted how much he can do before 2013 gets here.


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