You are Wanted

Thank you for joining me today for Day 1 of our Spoken For blog series! I am so excited to walk this journey with you all. May it encourage your hearts as you see how truly loved and desired you are by the One who is ever faithful. If you’d like to order Spoken For click here.  […]

Fighting for Joy

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we talk about depression. My dear friend Morgann Burres is going to finish out this 4-part series this week. Today, part 3, she is going to give us some practical tips on how to persevere when all seems hopeless and dark. I’m so thankful for her […]

3 Common Myths about Depression

Thank you for joining us on this 4 part series about depression. Today (part two of our series) Morgann will talk to us about 3 of  the most common myths that are said regarding depression and those that struggle with it. We hope these will encourage you as perhaps these are some of the things you have […]

Hope in the Darkness

Depression is a real struggle for many people. For some it may be a season, and for others it may be a lifelong battle. I’m so thankful to have received emails from so many of you, sharing your heart in this area. Reading parts of your stories, I’ve felt burdened to do a blog series […]

Unfulfilled Dreams

Even the phrase makes my heart break a bit; brings a sorrow in my spirit. I mean, aren’t we raised being taught to dream? Growing up in school, you list dreams you have for your country, for your family, for yourself. From the time you’re 5 until you’re in college (and after, for a lot […]

What Mask Are You Wearing?

I’m so thankful for my husband! I love his heart and his passion for truth & grace. Since last Thursday, he’s decided to make a short “nugget of truth”. (One of many “Jeffisms!” Or you could say it’s simply part of his “Jeff-ness” according to “You, Me & Dupree”. Love!) His hope is that it’d […]

Hope in Trials

Trials. As my youth pastor said, “If you’re not in one right now, then you just finished one, or there is one on its way.” Not to be a downer! (Happy Friday!) But it’s true. As believers, God didn’t say he’d protect us from trials, but rather he said they would come. However, God doesn’t […]

Hope in Singleness

My good friend Jeff Cherry wrote a blog today about singleness. If you find yourself in this season of singleness, check it out here: The Purpose of Singleness. Thank you Jeff for your heart, wisdom and pointing it all back to Jesus. Although many people would say that I wasn’t single very long considering I got married […]

Living in the Busyness of Life

Massive notes. Highlighters. Library hours (and I hated the library). Study groups. Flash Cards. The memory game with my flash cards. No time to sleep. Late nights. Coffee. Studying in the shower (that’s right…laminated my notes). More coffee. And lots of prayer. Ah, yes. Finals week. Those days are so vivid in my mind. I […]