You are of Great Value - Jeff and Alyssa

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Living in America, we put tons of emphasis on value. Which isn’t bad, but I think where we’ve gotten off base is that we believe that value is based on what we do, what we can offer, what we bring to the table. From the moment we start school, we are taught to work hard, excel, and succeed. We get graded on our assignments and work, pushing us to meet a standard. We’re pushed to be successful- do well in school, obtain scholarships, go to a good college, get a good paying job, earn lots of money. It’s all performance-based. What can you do for us?

Now, working hard and pushing yourself is not bad at all! Go for it. Being a hard worker is excellent and what the Lord calls us to. However, this mentality can easily be misconstrued and we can begin to believe that our value is based on what we do, instead of who we are. We begin with our performance, instead of being. And that is where it’s dangerous.

My first year of marriage, the Lord showed me how deeply I had a performance-based identity. I held myself to such a high standard to be perfect, and do everything perfectly. It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t work outside the home, so therefore I put more pressure on myself to have the house perfect, meals hot and ready, and to be super busy serving Jeff and the ministry we were involved in. And when things weren’t perfect (ahem…flooding the kitchen, Aslan eating our floor, burning all my new pots and pans…) I was devastated. Devastated because I thought I was worthless; my value was nil.

Since I’ve gotten married, the Lord has been patiently transforming me and showing me that my value is not based on what I do or offer, but it’s based on who He says I am. It’s based on the mere fact that I am an image bearer of Christ. I am His daughter, His bride, His chosen one. My value is based on Jesus. And I am priceless to Him.


When we see that our value and worth come from Him alone, we are set free. No longer do we become devastated when things that we do aren’t perfect, or when we have seasons where we have to cut back and not do as much. We don’t have to earn anyone’s favor or approval. We don’t have to fear what others think of us, or try to prove ourselves. We are set free- set free to be who God created us to be.

You are of great value. Worthy. Priceless. Whenever you doubt your worth, look to the cross, where Jesus died for you. What else shows you how much He treasures you!? He died for you, sacrificed His Son for you, gave up His life for you because you were worth it.

Friday, April 18, 2014