You are Wanted - Jeff and Alyssa

Thank you for joining me today for Day 1 of our Spoken For blog series! I am so excited to walk this journey with you all. May it encourage your hearts as you see how truly loved and desired you are by the One who is ever faithful. If you’d like to order Spoken For click here. 


Rejection. Even as I type the word and say it in my head, I feel the sting. In fact, if I let myself, I could easily let that word grab hold of me, making me feel numb and helpless. Can I let you in on a secret? I think rejection is one of my greatest fears. After you’ve experienced it, even though I am healed and free, I can’t say I ever want to experience it again. The thought of having someone that is so close to me walk away, throw in the towel, or just not care anymore, breaks my heart. If I’m logical about it, I know that “IF THIS….THEN GOD.” I know that God will see me through; He’ll hold me in that pain and use it to draw me closer to Himself, and use it to make me complete (James 1:2-4). However, if I don’t tell myself the truth, this fear can easily take over.

We’ve all experienced rejection one way or another- maybe you didn’t get picked to be on the kickball team in elementary school (or were picked last- girl, I feel ya!), didn’t make the team, didn’t get into the school you wanted, or didn’t get the job you’d had your heart set on. And then there’s relational rejection, the worst kind- never good enough for a parent, not included by friends, dumped, or not chosen.

Within all of us, we long to be wanted, don’t we? We want to be chosen and the affection of someone else’s desires. It’s a God-given desire. That’s right, God has given us this longing, and I believe it’s in order to bring us to Himself. The desire of His heart is to wrap us in His strong arms, look at us with tears in His eyes and proclaim, “Yes! I want you. I’ve always wanted you. Oh, how I’ve waited to be with you. You are the one I want. Always. Forever. I’ve never wavered in my desire to be with you, to have you as Mine.”

Let that sink in. God is after you. He wants you. Yes, you the perfectionist, the shy one, the one who struggles with anxiety, who is ashamed of your past, who has messed up too many times to count. You, who loses his temper, the doubter, the lover of things, the one who does things in secret that you would never tell anyone about, the one who has had things done to you that has left you feeling helpless, hopeless and undesirable. HE WANTS YOU. ALL OF YOU. He sees you as you are- everything- past, present and future- and wants you. And not only does He want you, but He has given everything up to have you. Desire shown in action love. He is calling your name. He is holding His arms open to you, eyes on you, heart beating for you.


Are you striving in your own strength, putting your hope in that something, rather than in Him? Are you heartbroken today because of someone’s rejection? Do you see your misplaced hope in someone? Let’s draw near to our Savior today and let Him fulfill that longing within us. You are wanted. You are included. You are desired. Not by just anyone, but by the One who gave up His only Son to win your heart. See what great lengths He has gone to show you how much He loves you?

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Monday, April 14, 2014