Beware of New Knives!

A few weeks ago, I was in the kitchen busily making up some Pioneer Woman Spaghetti Sauce for that night. My small group girls were coming over for dinner, and I was so excited to make something homemade.

Cutting up the onion and green peppers, I told Jeff, “Wow, this knife is amazing! I’ve never used such a sharp knife before!”

Then an hour later as the sauce was bubbling over the stove, I started to wash the dishes. Grabbing that knife, it slipped out of my soapy hand and sliced right through my finger.

“J—-E—-F—-F—–I—-NEED—-YOU—-N—–O—–W!!!!!!!!!! JEFF!!!!!!!!!!”

Running down the stairs, my husband comes to the sink and sees blood gushing out of my finger like a geyser. I was crying and screaming. He calmly wrapped my finger with a paper towel, and called to get my insurance info; He knew this one would call for stitches.

Running out to the car, (mind you, this was late morning. I was busy cooking and getting the house ready, so of course I hadn’t thought to take a shower, put on normal clothes, or even my contacts! Note to self: Do what’s necessary right when you wake up. You never know if you’ll have to be rushed away!)

Now really, this is so comical, because it only ended up being 3 stitches. UrgentCare got me in right away and my handsome husband filled out all my paperwork and was by my side the whole time. My doctor sang songs and recited a play he had written when he had graduated from his residency-35 years ago. Now it was only a slight scare, but for me who doesn’t do well with blood and who has never had an “emergency”, 3 stitches goes a long way in my book!

This little scar will remind me of our first month as newlyweds- new knives & growing moments.



  1. This reminds me of “New believers” (Proverbs 27:17) It says: “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

    Well, truthfully, it reminds me of all mankind – able to help as well as hurt others. When we become saved through Christ, we dont have all the details down to a science and realistically, neither does “seasoned saints”. So in our efforts to successufully maneuver about in our relationships with others, our life, jobs, families, etc…we may stumble and cause hurt to someone. Like that new knife, I dont believe it’s the goal, and intention of the person who offends…its something that may happen as a result of being “new”- to this choice, to this committment, to this lifestyle. And just like the new knife, new “believers” or even unbelievers serve a purpose in our lives. They make us better, slicing away things that do not resemble our Father in Heaven, and refining the good parts.

    ~Aqueela Maddox

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