You Are Spoken For - Jeff and Alyssa

Thank you for joining us for the Devotional Spoken For Blog Tour! Robin and I are taking turns posting daily devotionals, going deeper into each chapter of Spoken For. We would love for you to study these truths with us and post in the comment section as we are all reminded that we are truly spoken for by our Relentless Lover! If you’d like to order Spoken For click here. 


Robin Jones Gunn

The term “Spoken For” is such a great term of endearment.

Can’t you just see it being used in the final scene of a lush movie based on a Jane Austin novel? An arrogant suitor approaches the leading lady at the grand ball. With an air of entitlement he informs her that the next dance will be his. She checks the dainty dance card attached to her wrist and with confidence replies, “That dance is spoken for, as are all my dances.”

The foiled suitor retreats and the hero we’ve been cheering for all along steps forward to take his beloved in his arms. He dances with her for this dance and the next dance and every dance thereafter.

So romantic.

When I think of how I am spoken for as a daughter of the King I see the same sort of happily ever after, only it’s on an eternal, heavenly scale. The wedding feast of the Lamb is coming and we have been issued an invitation to join the King of Kings and be with Him forever.

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Friday, April 25, 2014