Why We Don't Set Goals for the New Year - Jeff and Alyssa

Hey guys!

We’re less than a week away from the New Year, which means we’re about a week away from a whole bunch of broken New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you make goals for the beginning of the year? How well do they actually stick?

Something I’ve learned over the years is that goals don’t make you into the person you will be in 50 years, it’s creating rituals and rhythms in your daily life. Goals are about “doing,” rhythms are about “becoming.”

At the end of each year, Alyssa and I have a summit where we get away together to reflect on and remember the past year, both the good and the bad, and we pray for what God will teach us in the next year.

Americans are terrible at taking a moment to stop and reflect. I think we’re good at looking forward, but not good at looking back because we take zero time to stop and reflect.

How was your 2018? Have you thought about it much?

Over and over again in the Bible, God tells his people to remember. God is obsessed with having us remember because it bolsters and strengthens our relationship with him when we stop and reflect on all the ways he has shown up in our lives.

Try it. Stop whatever you’re doing and think about the last year. 

How was 2018? Was it a good year? Was it a hard year? Where were the sweet moments? Where were the painful ones?

What did God teach you? Where do you feel like God’s showed up the biggest last year in something hard? Were there any places God was nudging you along in some area of growth?

What are you thankful for from this past year? What do you need to repent of? How did you respond to the story God wrote for you in 2018?

What did you do this year that’ll benefit you 50 years from now?

Instead of making goals this New Year, really think about what rhythms you can start that would help you become the person you want to be.

In our last podcast of 2018, Alyssa and I talked about all these questions plus some topics we ask each other during our yearly summit as we look to the next year. 

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