Why Chick-Fil-A & Apple Products Are Holy - Jeff and Alyssa

What stirs your affections towards Jesus? What, when you do it, you walk away from loving Jesus more? Or, what has you feeling empty and far away from Him after? There’s things in scripture that are clearly forbidden, and there are things that are clearly commanded, but what about all the middle ground stuff? All the gray area? It’s not that they are necessarily sinful but is there something robbing your affections for Jesus?


A few years ago I read a blog post by Matt Chandler, one of my favorite pastors/bible teachers, on things that stir us towards Jesus. The blog can be found here. In it, he challenged me to keep a seasonal list of things that draw me towards Jesus, and things that draws me away from Him. It’s a very practical and simple way to keep a pulse on your walk with your Creator. I’ve tried to keep up with it the last few years and its been a huge encouragement/help in my walk. The list can seriously include anything. My list changes all the time. Sometimes it’s weird. But what it comes down to is worship. What stirs in you a spirit of thankfulness that points you towards your Creator? What stirs you towards Him? Run to those things. What puts out the flame? Run from those things. Below is my list. Hope it encourages.

Things that stir my affections for Christ

  1. Quiet bible reading with coffee in my hand

  2. Thinking about my fiancé

  3. Thinking about my future marriage

  4. Good preaching

  5. Apple products

  6. Mountains and lakes

  7. New car smell

  8. Charles Spurgeon quotes, books, and sermons

  9. Chick-Fil-A

  10. Hanging around non-believers


Things that kill my affections for Christ

  1. Staying up late with nothing to do

  2. Being alone for a long period of time

  3. Idle Facebook and Twitter time

  4. Dwelling on past sin, shame, and guilt

  5. Stale, produced, and “showy” church services

  6. Bad preaching

  7. Reality shows


What about you? What would be on your list?