What Alton Brown Can Teach Us About Hospitality - Jeff and Alyssa

I absolutely love this 2 minute clip by Alton Brown (who by the way is easily my favorite cooking personality–I watched Good Eats a ton as a kid).

Travelling a few times a month to different cities, churches, and groups has taught me one thing. That’s that food is currency. The table is sacred.

There is an exchange that happens that really is a huge part of being human (no wonder one of the biggest things Jesus did to show the Kingdom was sit at the table and have meals with people). Sadly though his point in the video rings all too true. We are tempted to put on a show or make sure everything is “perfect” before having people over which really actually kills the very spirit that makes it so joyful in the first place.

Have you noticed it too? What do you think it’ll take to get back to the true heart of hospitality?

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How do you think we can better show true hospitality without “showmanship” as he said?