Ways I Can Use Prayer - Feb 16-Feb 28 - Jeff and Alyssa

Hey all,

I am currently in the car driving down I-5 headed to the LA region for some speaking engagements and thought I’d ask for some prayer. These next two weeks are going to be jam packed and knowing my body and energy levels I would be beyond blessed if some of you could lift me up. Below are a few ways you can be praying for me the next couple weeks:

  • For sustained energy and focus on Him (a lot of times when I travel I get extremely tired and this road trip could wear me out. Praying that His grace would manifest in my weakness).

  • That God would open the hearts, minds, and eyes of the college and high school students I’ll be speaking with (I’ll be at APU, Biola, University of Redlands, and a youth conference in New Jersey).

  • That God would give me the precise words to say and that I would stay close to the Spirit and hear where He is leading. The topics I will be talking about usually carry a great weight with them in regards to the pain, shame, and guilt involved (I’ll primarily be talking about sex/relationships and self-righteousness/legalism) and only through the Spirit’s help can I rightly divide and apply the healing balm of Jesus through His word (2nd Timothy 2:15).

  • A big prayer request is that I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to serve. That I might come low and find Jesus in His meekness.

  • Lastly, that I’d use this time to get closer to my King. That I wouldn’t be distracted and over-anxious but would draw near to Him in the down time. I have some serious “life” decisions on the radar and praying I can use this time to discern His will and direction!

Thank you all for your support! God is good. Also, if you’re in the area I’d love to see you! Details are on the “speaking” tab above. Ps this is my first blog post ever from my iPhone! How awesome is God and the gift of technology!

PSS Be on the lookout for fun little videos I’ll be posting from my iPhone  I’ll keep you all updated and I hope to document the whole trip via my 4S! 🙂