Walking with A Journey-Based God - Jeff and Alyssa

Hey guys! If you didn’t know already, the holidays are right around the corner. Holidays can be a great time of year but it can also be hard time for folks who are struggling or are lonely.

How are you doing? No, really. How are you doing??

Sometimes we Christians feel like we have to have it all together. We feel pressured to look like we’re rock solid when maybe we feel beat down and hopeless. We want our church friends to see an ideal picture—maybe a shiny social media version—but that’s not the real you.

In our Western Christianity culture, we forget that in the Bible even the “superstars of faith” wrestled with God when they dealt with real, hard life circumstances. Moses, David, Job, and countless others yelled, doubted, questioned, cried out and talked back to God in their pain.

When we’re struggling, we want answers. We want an answer-based God, but God is a journey-based God.

Your doubts and questions are all part of your journey with God. He walks with us with we’re hurt and angry and lonely and scared. And it’s in the wresting and the struggling that we grow in our relationship with him.

And that journey isn’t meant to be walked alone. Walk with God but also walk in community. Let others into the ups and downs of your life.

Let’s actually be honest with each other. The Bible says to share the burden with your community. God doesn’t want you to carry that weight alone. Tell your significant other. Tell your small group. Tell your friends.

Don’t walk alone.

This week for the Real Life Podcast I interviewed cookbook author and blogger Danielle Walker about her journey walking with God through heartbreaking struggles and what it looks like to welcome everyone to the table.

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