The Greatest Thing You Can Do For The Men In Your Life: Part 3

“And He said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.”
Matthew 22:37-38
“The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He makes known to them His covenant” Psalm 25:14

When I was 15 I wrote a list of character traits I hoped my future husband would have. The first one on the list was that he would love Jesus passionately. I knew I didn’t want to marry a man who simply said they were a “Christian.” I didn’t want a guy who lived like everyone else, except just avoided the “big sins” a little more. I wanted to be with a man whose very heart longed for Jesus. A man who adored, worshipped, honored, and lived his life for the Lord. A man whose heart belonged to Jesus. I wanted a God-lover.

When asked what the greatest commandment is in the bible, Jesus said it was to love Him with every fiber of our being. He is after the heart and wants all of us. He longs to be with us, to have fellowship with us. He made us for relationship, the greatest being relationship with Him.

I daily pray this for Jeff. That he would love Jesus with all of his heart, soul, mind & strength. I know that if Jeff is pursuing Jesus as his main desire, it will actually free him up to love and pursue me more fervently also. I ask the Lord to draw him near; that he would seek Him and spend time at His feet, talking with His Savior.

Why? Because this is the sweetest thing we can possibly do as a believer. The beauty of the gospel is that we get God. He has torn the veil and invited us into deep intimacy with Him. I long for Jeff to stay close to our Lord, in a world that does everything possible to distract and drag us away. I long for Jeff to deeply know Jesus- not just in a scholarly sense, but a deep, intimate, knowledge like one has with a spouse.

I also pray this because this is the cry for my heart. Often I find myself being distracted by the world (busyness, loving other things more than Christ, etc) and missing out on the gift of deep intimacy with Christ. My heart’s cry is that I would stay close to Him and love Him with all my heart. All my mind. All my strength. And all my soul.

And as our men grow to love Jesus more, they will grow to love us more. For our love for people flows out of Christ’s love for us.

Ladies, does your man put God first in his life? Does he love Jesus with all his heart, mind, and soul?



  1. Hey Alyssa!
    God bless you! i love your blog.. its very helpful to young, single and committed girls. i have been praying for my future husband since i can remember my mom too. hehe!! now i am in a relationship with this handsome man of God. I see how God works with him, i am praying because i want to confirm that he is the one “My future husband”..

    P.S. keep doing this, God has given you the ability to share your story and bless other girls with what you understand, based on what the bible says.. !! 🙂

  2. wow this is nice , so loving this.God help us

  3. Alyssa, this is my heart’s desire as well and I am so glad that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  4. I love this message. I am getting married on nov 24th which is right around the corner and i am excited a bit nervous 🙂 this blog about what to do for your man helped me out a lot 🙂 i love your messages you and your husband are an amazing inspiration to me and you lay out a great example for a christian woman for other woman on their way up you go girl!!!!

  5. Thank Alyssa you have no idea how blessed I feel after reading your story on how God braught Jeff into your life. Your love for the Lord and your approach to pray for the man God has pre-ordained for you shook something within me that I thought was was dying. After a very hard and difficult experience with a man whom I thought was a true worshiper and but proved to be a wolf in sheep clothing. I was completely torn, discouraged and little by little felt I was getting further and further from my only and true Love, our Lord. I’m begining to see where I went wrong and how the enemy used my lack of knowledge to decieve me. Your love for the Lord and your approach has shed light into a room I felt was getting darker. Thank you for being an instrument of His love and thank for being sensitive to His calling on your life..

  6. You know, I never thought about this before. My boyfriend and I have had some hard spots in our relationship, but never once did I think, “Maybe I should pray for him to love Jesus more.” Thank you(:

  7. Alyssa,
    I just thought you should know how much I already LOVE your blog. I’ve followed your husband on Youtube etc for awhile now & have always enjoyed what God speaks through him.. But oh my goodness girl, you are truly wise in the word! I have only read two of your posts & I already know I’ll be following your blog for as long as you’re writing it! Haha 🙂 You guys are definitely an amazing couple & are truly blessed.. Thank you for sharing with the world! Take care, there are many things in store for you!

  8. WOW! I simply love this post Alyssa. I’ve always said that “I want to marry someone who isn’t like “what? Eve ate the apple not Adam?!”. jokingly yes but truth of the matter is I want a man who loves Jesus more than He could ever love me. That he would long for Jesus more than he would long for me, that he would want to saturate himself in Jesus’ presence more than in mine.

    Thing is though in this stage of my life – the interim of not having such a guy yet, it’s not easy but I know we serve a prayer answering God who sees the deepest desires of our hearts. Knowing a bit of yours and Jeff’s story it gives me even more hope 🙂

  9. I so much love this blog, as I know that God gave us women a task to pray for men, cry over their lives and to protect them.
    But Alyssa please help me my sister in Christ, my boyfriend and I are still young but planning to get married this year.
    He’s been loving and serving God with all his heart until he got hurt at church by his Pastor, and that changed his life, he has even started drinking though he still believes that God has called him for greater things in HIS Kingdom, and that one day he will be used by God to save the world through HIS gospel.
    Please help me, how to I help him.

  10. Hi Alyssa!

    Love your blog. You and your husband are such inspirations. I have a rather specific question; What should you do if you’re in love with someone who doesn’t know / love Jesus.

    I really really struggle with this.

    Love & Blessings,


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