The Greatest Thing You Can Do For The Men In Your Life: Part 1

I was sitting on a yellow vintage couch in a beautiful home in Maui. I remember studying God’s truth with a few ladies my age. For a month we were going to go through the book “How to Pray for Your Future Husband” by Robin Jones Gunn. None of us were married, or were even dating for that matter.

One quote by her I’ll never forget though. It said, “Ladies, pray for your men. Satan’s game plan is to take down the leaders, the men. Only God’s Spirit can draw a man to seek Him and free him to be the man, and leader God wants for him to be. Whether you marry or not, DO BATTLE! Pray!”

Do battle I thought?


The girl whose dad laughed at the army recruiter when they called my house seeing if I wanted to join the army my senior year?

The girl who, although has gone on adventures all over the world, is scared to go on public buses, walk the streets of downtown L.A., and walk from my car to my house at night?

But I’ll never forget that afternoon, sitting there with those women, moved to the very depths of my soul, my spirit stirred deep within, saying “Yes! Fight for our men.”

My heart has been so heavy lately for boys and men in our culture. On average, boys are exposed to pornography at age 8-11. No longer is it a question of if they’ve seen porn or not, but whether or not they’re addicted, and most are. Video games are rampant in our culture. The most popular among games are ones that include high violence, and advancement to the next level is achieved by killing a certain number of people.

I see boys becoming apathetic, lazy, rebellious, angry. They have contests at school to see who can get the lowest GPA. They revel in one-night stands. They compete, trying to sleep with the most girls, or better yet, sleep with the most wanted girls. Boys are staying boys well into their 30′s, living at home and having their moms provide for them. So many boys grow up without fathers at home, or if they are home, they may not be present.

So where do these boys learn to be men?


The radio?

Older friends?

I’ve seen this over and over the past 3 years interning for the youth ministry at my church, and now working at a Christian high school.

It’s so easy for me to get sad, disheartened and discouraged. Where have all the good men gone!? What’s going to become of this next generation!? What’s going to happen when I have kids?

Have you ever found yourself asking these same questions?

There is nothing more that Satan wants than to steal, kill and destroy us. (John 10:10) And the best way to do that is to take down our men. God created men to be our leaders. When you go into battle, the goal is always to take down the leaders, the commanders, the king, because once they fall, you’ve got them all.

There is a battle going on that we can’t see. Most of us most likely won’t go into the army, we may not play sports, and we may be afraid to ride public transportation! But we are called to fight. Ladies, the time has come. Rise up. Commit yourself to prayer. Take up your shield of faith and the sword of the spirit.





We as women have a high calling on our lives. We have the joy of going before our Father’s throne and uplifting the men in our lives to Him. To the King of Kings. The Loving Father. The Holy God. The Mighty One. He is all-powerful and He is more than able to change hearts, stir in spirits, give wisdom to the humble, lead the weak, and give power. He sees us. He knows our hearts. He is raising up men for this generation to be like Him, to serve Him, to be laborers among the harvest, to disciple younger men, and you have the opportunity to join in on His work.

Don’t just pray for your future husband. Pray for your brother, father, pastors, professors, and friends.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch.

Gear up. Bow down. And pray. Watch God work, change, transform, and move in these men. He is faithful. He hears our cries. DO BATTLE.

“For a people shall dwell in Zion, in Jerusalem; you shall weep no more. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry. As soon as He hears it, He answers you” (Isaiah 30:19 ESV).

Ladies, do you pray for the men in your life?



  1. Wow, what a powerful message. Your words allowed the Holy Spirit to breathe fire in my belly. I can and will DO BATTLE knowing that the victory is ours because of JESUS and his crown/his authority/his power.

    I can’t wait for God to move and perform.

    Thank you so much Alyssa:)

    Lots of Love of South Africa:)

  2. Great message. Don’t you love how so many of the things we stress about, we could just boil down to PRAYER? One of my favorite pins on pinterest says “have you prayed about it as much as you’ve talked about it?” Why is the answer so often, “uh…no”?? Work in progress. 🙂 Anyway, glad I stumbled on your blog this morning. Now excuse me while I go pray for the Hubs!

  3. This is powerful! I’ve been led to pray for my future hubby but I have not prayed fervently as you so describe it. I get weary at times but now that I TRULY believe I am in a season of preparation, I need to be proactive in praying for our men, Satan wants to get rid of the head so the rest of the body suffers. It’s time to FIGHT! Thank you for the encouragement.

    Bless you ~


  4. I agree completely and I had been praying for my brother who is eleven. And he was the only one that hadn’t been saved yet. Unllike me, I met the Lord when I was eight years old. I was able to speak to him and two weeks ago God used me to bring him to His feet and accept the Lord as his Savior and repent for his since and confess that He cant go through this life without Him. That day my family rejoiced and there was a party in heaven. I prayed fervently for my family and I had been praying for him and still am so that he may be the man that God wants him to be. My father isn’t present, my parents aren’t together and the devil destroyed my parents marrige through my father. My brother initially is my step brother but my mom always thought us, my sister and I that we were brothers and sisters there was no difference. Now its become harder for my brother because He is a guy, boy, male and has no fatherly figure to guide him how to be a Man of God. And I personally know what it means for that to happen. God has put in me the desire to constantly pray for him and find ways for him to come closer to God so that through his word and scripture he may be the Man God wants him to be.

    On the other hand I prayed when I was little for a boyfriend and made a list of many things I wanted and didn’t want so God knew, but I know that He knows what is best for me. But recently I have stopped, but I shall start again, because I have seen first hand how the devil has destroyed families starting with the Head of the House hold. Thank you for your perspective and done in a Godly wise way and remind me that praying for my future spouse is crucial. God Bless(:

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