The Best Yes


Big ones.

Everyday ones.



Different time.

We all are faced with decisions on a daily basis. What will I eat today? Should I have coffee with so and so? Do I really need to clean the bathrooms today? (Any one else a procrastinator when it comes to the bathrooms!?)

And throughout our lives we have those really big-pray a lot-ask wise people-decisions. Which college should I attend? Where should I live? Should we get married?

Recently Jeff and I have been presented with a BIG decision that could dramatically change our lives. It’s really the first big decision we’ve had to make since we’ve been married. It’s so exciting to make this decision together, but man, we are so opposite with how we walk through it!

Jeff is logical, decisive, and quick. He thinks through all the steps, and if each step is a yes, then it’s a go.

I am slow.

I journal, write lists, pray a lot, talk to people, cry here and there, and then jump in. Now being married and deciding together, we are talking and praying a lot together. Jeff’s learning to be patient with me, and I’m learning to jump in a little quicker than normal.

The day before Jeff and I had this opportunity, I started to read Lysa Terkeurst’s new book “The Best Yes.” (I love how the Lord works!)

Guys. Seriously. It’s so good.

I’m so thankful for Lysa’s wisdom with how to make good decisions- and not just good ones, but the best one. That word, “best” has been resonating in my heart the past three weeks as Jeff and I try to make this decision, “Lord, what’s your best? What is best for our family?” Because if I’m honest, the two possibilities we have are both good. There’s not a wrong choice.

There’s freedom in choosing.

I feel as though God has presented us with these two possibilities, and is saying, “What would you like? I love to shower you with good gifts. Both of these are good. You choose.” Whoa! I’ve never felt like this before, although I know it’s been true so many times in the past. But I use to get bent up about God’s will, and thinking that if I choose the wrong one, I’d be displeasing the Lord; I wouldn’t be in His will anymore. But no! Not true.


Yes, God has outlined very clearly things in His word that are His will, and things that are sin. But He doesn’t say “Alyssa, you should marry Jeff. And get a dog and name him Aslan, and have a baby girl your second year of marriage.” He doesn’t. He gives us freedom, and as long as we’re walking with Him- in His word, talking to Him throughout the day, learning from other believers- He promises to lead and guide us. He gives us wisdom with what’s best. Not that it’ll be perfect. There will be tough things with any decision. But He will use that to grow us and lead us into His arms.

In her book, Lysa gives practical advice for how to have wisdom in the small and big decisions. She talks about how to not people-please, overcommit, and rush through life- and how to see God as Big, have peace and rest, and to truly love.

SO because I loved this book so much and believe in the best yes, I’m giving away 5 copies! Leave a comment below, with your email, and I’ll randomly choose 5 winners by this Tuesday!


Friday, Sept. 5, 2014



  1. Awesome- I’ve been wanting to read this book as I’m in a season of change and figuring out what God’s will is above what everybody else wants of me. Praying for the best yes for you and your family!

  2. Great post! Praying for you guys!!

    And what an awesome giveaway!! I have been wanting this book!!

    Thanks girl,
    Keep running hard after Jesus! You impact so many! 🙂

  3. As a soon be college graduate, I know that this book would make a huge difference in my life! Would love a chance to get a free copy!
    [email protected]

  4. Aahh! I’ve been seeing this book pop up everywhere and I definitely think it’s one I need to read. was recently taking stock of things I have said yes to and not given my all, or it’s fell to the way side even. It disappoints me and it’s something I’m trying to use as a learning opportunity! I tend to love to do a lot for people, but am not good at stopping and saying that I can’t handle anymore. Prays for your decision making, and as you and Jeff travel this decision together. So glad you can compromise with each other, and prayers for when it’s hard to do so! 🙂

  5. Ahhhhhhh, you’re a huge inspiration to me & if you love this book I feel like I should deffinitely read it! So I would appreciate getting it as a gift SO SO SO much, but if not I understand & I’m sure whoever gets it God really wanted them to have it 🙂 & I’ll still end up getting it! But for real! It would be so cool 🙂 thanks for even doing this, you are awesome, Alyssa!

  6. Alyssa, we will be praying for you and Jeff as you make this decision! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and book suggestions too!

  7. Wisdom for decision making is always appreciated!
    Praying for you to have wisdom in your decision, Alyssa!

  8. Alyssa,
    Thank you so much for sharing. I have been learning some of the same things you have been as well. God is teaching me that His will is not constraining. It’s freedom! Many times, he gives us freedom to choose when it comes to decision making. Like you said, our job is to choose between what is good and what is best. Wishing you and Jeff wisdom as you choose what is best. Thanks again!

  9. Hi Alyssa! I love the ministry you and your husband have. Both of you have encouraged and blessed me in so many ways. Totally hoping you’ll pick the poor college student to give a free book to! And maybe someday you’ll come to Kent State University and chat it up with Campus Crusade for Christ! We’d love to have you! Thanks for all you do for our generation!

  10. What a blessing you & your family are to not only me, but many! I have said for years the hardest thing to do is say ‘no’ to good things — however, that’s exactly what we often must do in order to say ‘yes’ to something so much better. This book sounds like a great read — hoping for a free copy — but nevertheless, respect your recommendation. And, as always, I enjoy the honesty & authenticity of your thoughts!

  11. Love your heart! So beautiful. Have heard so many great things about this book! Would love to win it! 🙂
    Praying with y’all in this decision. Love that we serve a God who gives us options and He is sweet.

  12. Alyssa, I have followed Jeff’s ministry since the very beginning, and then I began following yours as you two became one. I have been blessed by both of you guys in so many ways, and I know there are many people who feel the same way I do. I will be praying for you guys as you face this time of uncertainty. I pray for wisdom, guidance, discernment and peace. As you stated in your post, there is freedom in choice. I’ll be rooting for your family no matter what decision you make.

    God Bless!
    – Lexi

  13. I’m always so encouraged my you and Jeff’s words. They are so timely and pertinent for my life 🙂 God bless whichever road you choose in this big decision!

    [email protected]

  14. The book sounds great! God definitely gave us the power to choose/freedom of choice. It’s amazing how God works, and is always on time! Hope you and Jeff continue to go by God’s leading. Take care of Kinsley!

  15. Love this post!! Amazing how The Lord works as I am in the middle of making a big decision as well. I’ll be praying for you and Jeff, that The Lord would guide you and that you and Jeff can be united in the decision making process.

  16. Praying for you both! Would love the book!

  17. Decisions, decisions, that is something that I have been struggling with the past month! Such a confusing season for me!

  18. I would absolutely love this book! As a newlywed on a tight budget, I’ve been trying to save for it! It would be such a blessing to get it for free. Blessed by your blog. Alyssa!

  19. So excited to pick up a copy of this book soon.

  20. Wow this is so great! I would love to read this book! I currently sometimes feel so stuck and not knowing what decisions to make in regards to my dreams of where to go for grad school and live and find a church and ministry for me as well as well as making the best decisions for choosing a future relationship!

    God bless you Alyssa and I pray the Lord shows you the desires of your family’s hearts to make the best life changing decisions for His glory!

  21. This sounds like exactly what I need to read. Starting college and trying to make some decisions that really affect my future have been tough this year!

  22. Thanks to you and Jeff for being who you are. Loved Jesus > Religion and I tune in to all the videos!

  23. I love your post! I struggle with decisions and I think it’s because I don’t pray about them which is silly on my part. Thank you for your honesty!

  24. I would love to win a copy of the book!! :))

  25. [email protected]
    I accidentally didn’t post my email at first. Anyway I hope to win one! :p

  26. I just want to thank you & your husband for
    1. Believing in this generation and devoting (and sacrificing a lot, I’m sure) to effectively and authentically teaching the Gospel
    2. Modeling what a Godly marriage looks like (My family has a long history of divorce, so you guys are one of the first couples to ever be transparent enough with your social media and youtube dating series to actually give me hope and convince me to stop saying I’ll never get married)
    3. I’m about to leave for Africa for 10 months and I am trying to get my hands on every good book I can find. Would love to check this one out!
    Thank you guys for loving Jesus and loving people enough to live out what you believe

  27. I know exactly how you feel, I’ve felt that way too many times 🙂

    God is good no matter what and I know y’all will make the right choice!

  28. Goodness, I definitely needed to read this. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Love this. I struggle with thinking it’s always a yes or no…instead of the better yes. Great perspective!

  30. Making decisions has recently been difficult for me. I’ve had to make a few big decisions in the past year and for the first six months or so it seemed that I had made the right decision, but then after that things started to go down hill… But God has used these decisions and experiences of mine to make me stronger, for His power is made perfect in weakness!

  31. LOVE both of ya’lls hearts for the Lord!

  32. This sounds like a good book I’d love to win a copy:)!

  33. This sounds amazing. Like I-need-to-read-this-book type of amazing.

  34. Would love to win the best yes!! All of you are such amazing role models

  35. So true. Decisions are hard, realizing you are at the crossroad can send me into shock but realizing that only — yes only — the Lord is in control eases the pressures we ourselves put on ourselves. God calls me to show up and try my hardest, yes that may be stepping out on faith, that may be teaching a student in a math class, it make look like a college student studying to pass classes — God calls us each to different challenges and reminds us that when our faith and strength is in him the right decision will be made through him. I struggle with letting God choose for me — I’m a control freak. But everyday what am I called to? Serve the daughters and sons of Jesus, we are all different tools being used for his glory — so each person’s journey will look different.

    Decisions are hard! Thankfully our Lord is bigger than decisions of this earthly world!!

    Good luck with your crossroad, I read Daniel 2:20-23 tonight and I think maybe you should read chapter 1 until that part too. I forget that I have to actively seek the Lord through all — just like Daniel and the three prayed asking the Lord for an answer. And then they praised him for his answers! “[God] [has] given me wisdom & power.”

  36. The Lord only knows how many decisions I’ve been faced with recently.

    I would just love to win, without begging.

    God bless

  37. I would love a copy of this book! 🙂 I definitely could use some help making decisions, especially as a wife and mom!

  38. Praying for you and Jeff with this big decision. I hear ya on making big decisions. I need lots of prayers and lots of crying. Keep me posted on what you decide!

  39. Wow! I love the way you explain God’s Will! So refreshing!

  40. So excited to hear more about what God is doing in you, Jeff & Kinsley’s lives. What a blessing to have known you personally & now be able to keep up with you from afar!! Just know that there are prayers coming from my family for yours. Much love to you, Alyssa!!! 🙂

  41. Sounds like something we all could learn from! Would love to read it!

  42. Go Seahawks!

  43. I saw her speak at the women of faith conference and loved her message, I’m sure her book is amazing!

  44. Alyssa, God has blessed you immensely! I still remember when you came and stayed with me for a night in college and you and Jeff weren’t even married yet. Who would have guessed that God had all this in store for you? You are truly blessed! I would love to win a copy of this book! It sounds like a great resource for making decisions. I am like you when I make decisions–very thought out with constant journaling and prayer. This sounds like it’s full of Biblical wisdom to help in those times 🙂 (My email is kaseydwerner{at}gmail{dot}com

  45. I KNOW that you guys will make the BEST decision for your family. And I KNOW I would love to get a copy of this book! Yay!

  46. Love this and all the posts you bring speaking Gods truth!

  47. I’ve heard lots of this new book as well & have been waiting for some time to dig in. Thanks for your encouraging post and I’m excited to hear about whatever “yes” you and Jeff pick!

  48. My email is [email protected]. I loved this post and it is so relevant to my life right now. I just started my final year of graduate school this week. I would love to win a copy of this book because I know that this next year will be full of decisions for me.

  49. My husband and I made a huge decision this summer and we are so thankful for God’s faithfulness through the whole process! An exciting journey is ahead for you guys!

  50. I’d love to win a copy of this book! (:

  51. I love books but need to start finishing them.

  52. I’m in the process of applying to graduate schools and it’s so difficult to know where are the “best” places to apply and go. This book is so timely for me right now and even if I don’t win, I will most definitely be ordering it 🙂

  53. Wow! I’ve been praying through making two really big decisions the past month and have felt stuck. The worry of choosing wrong and not being in step with God’s will has been weighing me down to the point of being filled with anxiety. But God is SO good! The past three days He has placed people in my life who have talked about freedom in choosing when all options are God honoring. What you wrote about God showering y’all with two good gifts and getting to choose either of them…that gave me such a new perspective!
    You’re the second person today to rave about The Best Yes. It seems like that book came out at such a perfect time. God sure is good!

  54. The Lord will lead you. He has you.

  55. Every decision I make is always different. Some, I’ve got to take time and seek council and pray, and others are quick but I feel at peace with. I really love this blog, and I definitely want to read that book now.

  56. So thankful for your family, even if I don’t know you personally, you are still an inspiration. Love the freedom God gives us!

  57. This book looks so good!

  58. I have definitely been eyeing up that book ever since it came out. I am a notorious people-pleaser and overcommit myself because I want to do it all. I really like the way you explained how God wants what is best for us. Oftentimes I find myself getting caught up in the intricate details of life and wondering whether or not it’s God’s will. Such a good reminder that we are in God’s will when we are in his ways.

    Side note. I am studying to become a pediatric nurse, and your baby is probably one of the cutest I have seen… And I have seen a lot of babies on the postpartum unit!

  59. Thankful for Godly women to learn from. I would love to check out this new book & learn more about God. Decision making is hard & with senior year of college fast approaching, decisions will have to be made. Thanks for sharing with us Alyssa!

  60. For me, the big decisions are the hardest to make. It also doesn’t help that I’m a huge worrier and over-thinker! Praying that Jesus helps me say yes to big decisions! 🙂

    My email is [email protected]

  61. So excited for you and Jeff!! My fiancé and I have Los of big decisions to make over these next few months, I have been wanting to read Lysa’a new book!

  62. So awesome! I loved being reminded that we have the freedom to choose and how as long as we’re walking in the light and abiding in Jesus he will direct us to it! And the fact that He is sovereign over it all just makes decisions a bit lighter because ultimately he will use it for his glory!

  63. This book sounds amazing. I have struggled for years, worrying that I would miss God’s best if I chose one road vs. another. Thank you.

  64. Being in my early twenties, lots of decisions are waiting to be made! Love this

  65. I’ve been struggling with some decisions, and relying on God for his answer. I’d love to read this book, learning to be even more reliant on him for everything. Thank you Alyssa for your encouraging words!

  66. Have heard lots of great things Bout this book! Just finished Spoken For and would love to win a copy to read it next!! 🙂

  67. I love this! Definitely going to make me think for the next couple of days!

  68. So excited! This book looks really good! Thanks for sharing what you’re learning!

  69. From my job to time at home – decisions, because there are not enough hours in a day.

  70. This was something that I needed to hear <3

  71. Isn’t life just one big decision after another…we are so lucky to have a God who cares about us enough to give us these opportunities thoug! I am in constant awe!

    [email protected]

  72. This book sounds amazing! 🙂
    I am in the midst of graduating college EARLY by an entire semester this December 2014 (3 months away!! I definitely didn’t plan for this to happen but I know God did!). And even though I’m excited, I’m so nervous and scared about the decisions I need to make, somewhat quickly, concerning what is next for me after college. I’m looking forward to reading Lysa’s book on the part about how not to people please because I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember. But now it’s time to do what’s BEST for me and my life after college and I pray God will use this book among the other things He will use to help me make those tough after college, entering the real world decisions that are best according to the plan He has for my life 🙂

    My email is [email protected]

  73. Love this! I’ve always struggled with wanting to make the best and wisest decisions possible. Just beginning to realize it’s not as complex as we make it to be!

    So excited about this book!

    [email protected]

  74. God works in the greatest ways. I’ve been struggling with knowing Gods will for our life after getting married in March, watching the demise of my parents divorce in April (crazy!), and launching a company. It’s been insane and I have questioned everyone move that I’ve been making – but not in a godly way. More in a way of, well, if this isn’t Gods will he won’t bless this decision. So not healthy. So I am freed by this reminder that I am to continue walking with Him. Still have no idea what His will is for our life, but make decisions after prayer with confidence that my Savior has given me freedom.

  75. I struggle with people pleasing and living in demands. It was quoted to me by a mentor “If the devil can’t make you bad he’ll keep you busy.” Thankyou for your words Alyssa! I want to read this book!

  76. This sounds awesome. I can totally relate to you. When faced with a big decision I usually fall into a deep thought coma about the meaning of life and take forever to make big decisions!

    This is totally inspiring.

  77. I’ve been in this season recently with God changing my decision maker my heart! Like He is showing me how to really live out proverbs 4:20-27. I use to be such a worry wart when it came to making decisions and if the outcome was not a positive one then I must have mad the wrong decision. But He is now correcting that habit and telling me to keep my eyes straight on Him and ignore everything else.

  78. I would love to read this and give my best yes to an upcoming decision. Thank you for the new direction in thinking and prayer.

  79. As a single mom, I feel like I have big decisions to make constantly. So thankful we serve a God who always listens when we plead for wisdom in those decisions. Thanks for all you do! I really enjoy your blog.

  80. I struggle with making decisions at times. Just as you said, I felt as if I chose wrong I would displease God. Congrats to whomever wins the book and thank you for giving it away.

  81. I would love to read this book! I find myself overcommitting myself a lot lately and I would love to learn how to determine my best yes. I love to people-please and make everyone happy, but that can leave me plain exhausted and burnt out and then not ready to serve at all. Thank you for your book suggestion, Alyssa. 🙂

  82. God is faithful and His timing is always perfect. I’m thankful the the body of believers who can rally around me when I have a difficult decision to make. God will direct your steps if you are willing to submit to Him. Pray, seek council, and pray some more.

  83. So important to choose wisely for your family! Would love to read this book!

  84. Ohhhhhh pick me, pick me! (arm waving madly in the air). I just put that book on hold at the library. I think it would be lovely to own it.

  85. This looks like a great book and I can’t wait to see how God blesses you!

    [email protected]

  86. I have the worst time saying NO.
    My email is [email protected] .com

  87. Lysa is a wise teacher who has spoken much truth into my life. Love her!

  88. I’ve never thought about making the right decisions with little things but it makes sense that they matter because they all lead to something greater! I can’t wait to read Lysa’s book.

    I look forward to hearing what the opportunities are you and Jeff are deciding on and hearing what you decide!
    The best is yet to come.

  89. I toil. I struggle. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I procrastinate. I don’t want to fail. There it is..FAILURE, that fear that encircles around me. Lysa your word inspire, direct, give purpose because they are down to earth but focus our eyes on Jesus. Thank you for you and the opportunity to receive a copy of your book.
    My email is [email protected]
    Lovingly, Marti

  90. Loved this post!! Making those big “best” decisions can most always be the hardest. Prayer and faith always gets me through. Love anything written by Lysa!
    [email protected]

  91. The book sounds amazing! I would love a copy! Just what I need as I make some pretty big life decisions. It’s always been a struggle for me to try to decipher the Lord’s will! Maybe it’s more about saying YES and trusting where he leads!

  92. Aww praying for and with you guys! Love y’all, girl! 🙂

    [email protected]

  93. Praying for your decision!! Love your blog and would love to read her book!

  94. Love this post! It has become apparent by my accountability partner aka husband, that I am a real “but” (one T, please) and “what iffer” in anything and everything. I realize I need to trust more that I have the wisdom of the Spirit and can hear from God when I ask and than listen. I won’t know everything, I won’t have a detailed map or diagram but I do have a light on my path and I just need to take one step at a time and trust. I don’t have it down perfectly but I know I’m a work in progress and that’s ok. Thanks for this post Alyssa!

  95. You are such an inspiration! I love your blogs, and “Spoken For” was so amazing! It really helped me!

    I am a person who constantly worries if I am making the right decision. Lately I have been trying to stop worrying so much. I have seen lots of Twitter talk about this book…and I think it is about time I read it!

  96. I have been waiting for a new blog post since the last one! So thankful to hear from you 🙂
    This truly speaks to my heart and I am so thankful for your wisdom.

  97. Can’t wait to read this book. My daughter and her husband received news before Thanksgiving last year that they could not have children. After the pain, prayer and time, they felt that Gods desire for them was adoption. This was a tough decision and my daughter and her husband prayed over it. Once the decision was made all were excited to see the miracle unfold. They put everything inGods hands. They committed themselves to prayer for the funds for the cost of adoption. Nothing other than a miracle at work. Since around March of 2014 they have raised over $13,000 of the fees they will need. I have cried and prayed for them but I don’t think I could have had the faith that they have shown along the path. They give God all the glory, and are waiting for a match with a birth mom. Still faithful that God will given them the desires of their hearts.
    My daughter was sharing with me and mentioned how she was looking forward to starting this book. I don’t think I would have been as strong as she has in her faith in The Lord. I am exciting to read this book also. I raised my daughters both to have faith -ask God and expect Him to fulfill. But in the big things sometimes I hold on and don’t trust wholly and sometimes in the small things I catch myself saying …but this is not big enough to take to God.

  98. I always want to do all of the good things and really need to learn to do the best things and leave the rest alone…

  99. I was dealing with a big decision just this past summer when my boyfriend and I were deciding whether we should become engaged or not. When we finally looked at what the Lord said and sought counsel we knew that as long as we were following the Lord and were becoming great friends, God would bless us. We realized there is no soul mate, but rather two sinful people searching for the Lord together. I would love to have a copy of this book to help both my new fiance and I in the next couple years when other BIG decisions need to be made.

    My e-mail is [email protected]

  100. I think I’m in good company as an overthinker! I’ve had days where I really ponder the pro’s and con’s of what to have for lunch! Hoping to focus less on details that won’t matter even days from now so that I can concentrate more on those that make an eternal difference.

  101. I randomly stumbled upon this blog this morning via Twitter, and I’m loving it so far! This was a beautifully written post, and I’m excited to read more from you, and am excited for what God has in store for your family. I also read my first Lysa Terkeurst book over the summer (“Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl”) and loved it and was very excited to see her release a new book on this particular subject. So lots of firsts for me, haha!

  102. When it comes to big decisions, I too can sometimes get stuck. I am thankful for the Word and Holy Spirit …as the Truth and Comforter. ….they are our guides.

    Thanks for sharing your story and how this book has helped you.

    It definitely is on my NEED TO READ list.

    In His Name,

  103. We recently spent the year serving in Zambia and oddly enough the decision to go there was so clearly a yes from God, but when we got there, it was so overwhelming. We had to pray James 1:5 constantly to make sure we were saying yes to how God wanted to use us over there. Praying James 1:5 for you today!

  104. Was just considering doing the online Bible study that goes with this book. Winning a copy would definitely be a God thing. Glad to hear how much you enjoyed the book. I just finished Beth Moore’s Breaking Free and it was amazing. Looking forward to beginning a new study. Thanks for the opportunity. Saying a prayer for your “big decision”.

  105. I have been watching Jeff’s videos online and recently started reading your blog and they been of great help. now I don’t wait for God to put on a big show to know what to do. I have the confidence that as long as I am walking with him then I am in his will
    thanks a ton
    Shirley, kenya

  106. Goodness, I definitely needed to read this. Decision making is not the easiest thing to do, but I think the Lord can mold us in spite of whatever choice we end up making. Thanks for sharing!

  107. Such an encouraging post!That there is freedom, not anxiousness in seeking God about big decisions… A great reminder as I seek direction myself. Thanks so much for sharing!

    [email protected]

  108. I definitely have a hard time deciding between good things, even just flavors of ice cream.

  109. Thank you, Alyssa.

    It is really refreshing to read when you wrote that there is FREEDOM in choosing, the Lord is willing to shower us with his good gifts and that He is who He says He is, A Great Big God!

    In my case, there are a lot of good things that the Lord has provided, such as churches and student groups, and I am personally attached to all of these choices(as you have said above, people pleasing,over-committing and rushing through life), really need to learn to choose which one I serve. But this I know, the Lord gave me all these amazing choices, and in whatever church and student group I serve, He is sure to give glory to His name 🙂

  110. Indeed.. This very truth has been pressing on my heart for the past few years .. As I have been navigating life with teenaged girls.. Passing on wisdom from what God has taught me over the years.. And yes.. We all have lots of good to choose from but finding what is best is God’s desire for us! I would love to read this book and share it with my girls on their journey to choose their best yes!

    Thanks you Alyssa for your book and your honesty… My 17 year old was spoken deeply to and shared it with the other female staff at camp this summer here in Canada.. You are Loved!

    [email protected]

  111. I have heard such wonderful things about this book. Decision-making is not one of my strengths, and it’s hard to figure out if your decisions align with God’s will. As a senior in college, I’m trying to figure out what career path is best for me as I’m feeling unsure about the career that I always thought was the one for me. In addition, this book’s perspective on being a people pleaser is a message that a lot of people need to here. I love your and Jeff’s story, Alyssa, and I’m excited to follow along with your journey. I hope your little family is doing well! 🙂

  112. Thanks for posting Alyssa x

  113. I am the type of person that says ‘yes’ to everyone and everything. Over this past Summer, I have experienced many health issues…the kind of issues that have caused me to say ‘no’ to people and commitments. God has been refining my heart to show me that it isn’t about what I do that pleases Him, but simply coming to Him. His love for me is never earned, it is freely given.

  114. Hi Alyssa. I just wanted to say that I think it’s totally a God-thing that I came across this post. Just yesterday, I broke up with my (first) boyfriend of nine months. It was really hard for me to make that big decision, because I feel like I’m literally the most indecisive person in the world. I’m so glad that the Lord led me to making the right decision, and now that we’ve broken up, I know it was. However, I still struggle with decision making in my daily life. I’m currently trying to decide on what to do in the future. It’s my senior year of college and I’m not 100% positive about my future career. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what to pray beyond “Lord help guide me with my future and decisions I make”. I’m hoping this time of singleness will give me a chance to really draw closer to the Lord and focus on how to glorify him during this “awkward stage of life”. Once again, THANK YOU so much for being such a light to so many women, including myself. Keep being awesome, and I wish you the best in your future!

  115. This was my first time on you site, but so grateful God led me to it. I really needed to hear (or read) that today. Been dealing with some struggles and this was so good. Prayers for you and your future decisions. Would absolutely love to get this book, just haven’t been able to get it due to finances. Thanks again for sharing today. ~Blessings

  116. I’ve been interested in this book ever since I heard about it and I really loved your review! I’ve made some pretty big decisions this past year and have more coming up and would love to read her advice! ((And as a broke girl stuck in the spot between graduating college and starting work, I couldn’t pass up a chance for a giveaway!))

    [email protected]

  117. I don’t really like making decisions. I can be so indecisive! I am totally one to talk it over and over, to journal, ask questions, and cry! I know I live in fear of making the wrong choice and “messing up” my life, when in reality there isn’t always one “right” choice. I am also learning not to worry so much about what others think. It sounds like a good read!

  118. Thanks for you blog entries, Alyssa! 🙂 They have been a blessing in my life.

  119. Wow…. Exactly what I needed to read today. It’s amazing how so often when I believe I’m seeking after Gods heart and His will, I actually begin to focus on myself and that leads to doubting my faith in God. And in over-focusing on myself instead of resting in the assurance that God has completely everything under-control, i allow the devil to put thoughts in my mind like, “you’re not special enough for God to give you a clear vision or revelation of what the calling is on your life.” And for a while I believed this lie and stuck to it. But recently I feel like the Holy Spirit has been stretching my heart and my trust in Him to really just go with the flow. Don’t over stress. Take it easy. Everything is perfect in His timing, and His ways are far greater than ours, and sometimes, are really just unfathomable to us. Learn to be content in loving God and learning more about Him. Sorry for rambling haha! I would love to get this book though :)!!! <3 blessings!

    [email protected]

  120. Making life changing decisions are so hard! especially when you are making them together for the first time! My husband and I are opposites too: he is more like you and I am more like Jeff. Nearly 8 years in and I can say that we have both learned to be appreciative of how the other makes choices. Praying for you in this season of choice.

  121. I am so excited about this book… I really struggle with trying to please people, knowing all along that’s not the way. My heart says – make them happy!, but my head says, you need to take care of yourself first.

    I would love to have a chance to read this book… I’ve heard about it, and it really resonates with some of my struggles.

    Great to hear from you again! Loved the book Spoken For.

  122. Thank you for this post, Alyssa! I have been so encouraged by your writing, I recently finished reading Spoken For and was so blessed by it 🙂
    in fact, I led a Bible Study group at a girls camp during summer and we used the list of ‘what God says about you’ to create a really cool poster, the girls loved it!
    At the moment I’m seeking God as I have lots of big decisions to make, this book looks great 🙂
    I’ll be praying for you and Jeff as you make this decision together
    Lots of love from Anna, UK
    [email protected]

  123. Alyssa! This post truly moved me as I too (in my single season *being content and happy!*), have so many large decisions coming my way in the next couple months. I would LOVE to read this book along side my constant praying and advice seeking from family and gracious friends!! 🙂

    I hope you, Jeff and little Kinsley are doing great!!

    My email is: [email protected] !

  124. Alyssa, you are such an inspiration! I stumbled upon your blog after reading Jesus>Religion and I continually find myself resorting back. I love to read about your story, to read your devotions, and to watch how God continues to work in your family’s life. I am at awe of your fresh perspectives and admire your deep love for the Lord. I pray that God would continue using you to inspire young woman who need to hear the truth. Blessings!

  125. Hey Alyssa Glad to see a blog post from you again! I totally related to the decision thing and this book sounds really interesting!

  126. It’s so crazy how much freedom God gives us in our own lives. It’s all about walking with him through EVERYTHING.

    [email protected]

  127. I hope the best for you guys as you make your decision. My email is [email protected].

  128. I would love that book! It will really help me avoid being “bait.” My email is [email protected]…because I trust you, and I really want a copy..:)

  129. Decisions are tough for me, as I can completely relate to your previous struggle of thinking one decision might mean you are stepping out of God’s Will and displeasing Him.

    I would love to win a copy of The Best Yes!! I follow Lysa, and I am always encouraged by her posts (as well as yours!!)!

    [email protected]

  130. Alyssa you are amazing! I love your courage yet humility in everything you write. It is encouraging to see others pursue Jesus above all even through the tough decisions.

    [email protected]


  131. Hi Alyssa Joy, you guys are very young, lol. My husband & I have been married 26 yrs. My decision making process is very similar to yours. I am patient, prayerful, methodical, take ALL the time I have and then some more, lol. I ask the opinion of wise people, visit other options-in my head and revisit them over & over again. To look back, I would say it has served me and our family well.
    I also love to learn though and that book sounds like an interesting read. My husband & I have been praying about a huge decision concerning his career. As a side note, both our kids attend Liberty University and we’ve seen Jeff speak at their convocations. He was fantastic and I will never miss him if he comes again. He has a way with the kids and they need that connection. May God bless you both, in all of your endeavors.

  132. Would love to get that one 😀 I have lots of trouble on making decisions, I’m always so scared I’ll make a bad one and end up regreting it!

    [email protected]
    (is there any problem on participating if I’m from another country?)

    Was looking foward to a new post, glad it has come!!

  133. This is the first time I have read your blog (thanks to Lysa for retweeting!) You and your husband are inspiring and I LOVE to hear him talk about you;) I also grew up believing God’s will was a specific spot on the map. Thank God for revealing truth and freeing us!

  134. God is so good! Thank you for always encouraging me about His goodness and His sovereignty.

  135. I watched a great sermon online about decision making, and how to know God’s will, by a pastor talking about when he was deciding whether to leave his church in the Birmingham area to head up the International Mission Board. That helped knowing that we’re all in the same boat at times, trying to figure it out.

  136. Hi Alyssa,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me! Lately, as pursuing my last year of undergrad in college, I feel like reality is hitting me and I have to face many decsions & struggling with where should I go for grad school, plans for missions, etc. Does my desire match God’s will? =/
    This post really encouraged me and gave me lots of reminders of what. I hope to read this book and learn from it just as you are. =)

    email: [email protected]

  137. I am sure that I need The Best Yes for my life. Whether I am picked or not for the free copy, I will definitely read this book. I am sure that I am overthinking the possible solutions. Attempting to define one as being right and the other as being wrong has been daunting and tiring. So, I cannot wait to read this book and I thank you, Alyssa for your inspiring blog, sharing insight and for following after God’s Word/Will.

  138. Amazing! My husband and I are just opposite of you and your husband! HAHA! 🙂 Hoping and praying that God gives you clarity on the Best Yes you can give Him!


    [email protected]

  139. Praying for you & Jeff and the decisions you have to make!! Isn’t it so exciting that a God lets US in on making our own decisions?!?! I am very much a journal, cry, pray, think, pray, make a decision, question again..kinda person so I feel your pain!!

    Looking forward to when you bold about what decision you guys chose!

    Oh and I am LOVING reading Lysa’s book too!! So amazing!! It would be great if I won a copy to gift my best friend & accountability partner so we can walk through the journey of our best yes together!! My email is [email protected]

    The Warrior Princess Blog

  140. I was just wrapping up Bible study this week and friend told me about Proverbs 31 ministries. This book you just read is the next Bible study starting september 22nd. I was considering purchasing the book but hadn’t prayed about it yet. Reading your blog was another reminder about it. I think God is speaking!!! Thanks for your ministry, your writing is inspiring. : )

  141. Lysa TerKeurst is an amazing author! I would be sooo blessed if you chose me. (For I feel The Best Yes would be guide and a relief to all the BIG decisions I am currently facing.)

    My E-mail address is: [email protected]

  142. I’d love to hear about Lysa’s experiences with God on wise decision making.

  143. I wish you and Jeff well with whatever choice you make, Alyssa!

    I definitely know the feeling of uncertainty that comes with making decisions while desiring to honor God at all times.

    I am learning to use more of the “instinct” that God equips us with to make decisions and I am mindful that if I take a wrong turn, instead of becoming disheartened I need to ask God for clarity and re-direction.

    I would love to read “The Best Yes.” My email address is deserveyourgreatlife

  144. I have been wanting to read this book and really loved this review! As a recent college graduate, I’ve had to make some big decisions lately and am praying through some others. I would to read this book and hear her advice!

    I tried commenting on this earlier but it didn’t go through so here is try number two!

    [email protected]

  145. Alyssa,

    I am praying over you and Jeff during this time!

    It’s crazy how TIMELY all of this seems to be. Like with you, having this decision to make and reading her book at that same time! With me, it’s reading this blog post when I am fighting in prayer for my people (and myself) and many decisions that must be made in the bear future. Thankful to have read this tonight.

    [email protected]

  146. I’m an over-analyzer which way too often freezes me in my tracks, so I end up avoiding a decision of any kind (which really is a decision itself). I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about Lysa’s book. Looking forward to reading it.

  147. Thanks so much for sharing this, Alyssa! It’s a timely blessing as I’ve been struggling with making various big life decisions for a few months now.
    Gosh, I feel the same as you! I tend to be very thorough when it comes to decision making, taking my time to think it through, making a list of pros and cons etc. I’ve always felt fearful as well about making the “wrong” decision – Your blog really helps to put into perspective how God lets us CHOOSE and gives us free will as a loving Father!! We don’t have to be so terrified over little or big decisions we make – As long as we are walking with Him, we can trust that God will work it out for our good and His glory.

    This big decision you guys have sounds exciting! I’m happy for you and Jeff, sending prayers and wishing your family all the best! xx

    (My e-mail is [email protected])

  148. I forget how big an impact my decisions have on my daily life. The time I set to wake up to deciding to hit snooze and stay put, those decisions shape how my day and even my week are going to turn out. I believe God wants me to use my time wisely and enjoy life to the fullest and the choices I make determine just how much of that life is actually lived well. God is good and even when I make bad decisions, His grace abounds and He makes away .
    Thank you for your voice Alyssa, you are making a beautiful impact on the Kingdom. Keep going and staying close to Him.

  149. The first step is making the decision to raffle for this particular book. Only wish life decisions were that easy!

  150. I absolutely love your posts! I feel like half the time I’m dealing with something I come read your blog and bam its exactly what I need! Thank you thank you!

    [email protected]

  151. Alyssa,
    Wow it is crazy how i stumbled upon this, I am currently in a season, of listening to too what The Lord is calling me to do, I have been praying for obedience and to keep trusting in God, for me it is hard for me to not let fear and also the people pleasing control my decision making. Ive read a lot of your recommended books they are all AWESOME! 🙂

    my email is [email protected]

  152. With college starting up, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and more decisions in general. I’ve been praying a lot more recently about continually choosing wisely and following God’s plan and this blog post was really neat to read 🙂

  153. Choices.. Ahhh… What we must do every day!

    I loved what you shared about about the differences is yours and Jeff’s way of working through your “choices”. Haha, I can see myself and my husband as total opposites when we do this too… Even at (almost) 25 years of marriage.. (Oct 7th).

    What I’ve learned in recent years is the praying part… Of course we want to step back and allow God HiS will be done.. But as you’ve shared, HE has also given us the choice… And that’s where it becomes tricky.. Because we do need to trust and have faith in our decisions. And big decisions should be addressed with thought, advice but mostly prayer! I’ve found that with prayer, while there is still choice, we are still presented in God’s way because of who we may speak to and ask advice to.. HE brings that to us … We then have to choose… And for me… Sometimes that my biggest struggle.

    I’d love a copy of the book you spoke about, “the best yes”! Lysa Terkeurst is someone who really speaks to me through her writing and her words … And as someone who don’t read a lot… It’s huge! She’s so relatable!!

    Thank you for the opportunity! So glad I came across your post!

    Hugs to you & Jeff!

  154. Is this my best yes to say “YES” to this book? Hallelujah it is!

    [email protected]

  155. Aw such a wonderful post! Any decision is tough for me but God is always so good at guiding us.

    My email is [email protected]

  156. You are so right about this. I can identify myself with you about making decisions and God’s will.

    I love your blogs,you are truly an inspiration

    [email protected]

  157. The Lord has filled 2014 with huge decisions for me and just like you mentioned, I tend to worry about God’s will and what ifs. What if I make the wrong choice, what if I miss out on big things because I choose this way or that way. Such a peaceful warmth to hear that we are given freedom in choice and that sometimes we are given great choices and get to choose the best one!

    Thank you for your words, your wisdom and your open heart – such a blessing to me and so many others I know!


    [email protected]

  158. I love your posts Alyssa! and this one in particular has really been a nice read. I struggle with making decisions because i fear making the wrong one.
    Its nice to know that God gives us free will. Very encouraging.

    [email protected] that is my email

  159. This book is just what I need! Learning and yearning for God’s wisdom amidst BIG decisions is something we all need to learn about! Thanks for the recommendation Alyssa!

  160. Hi Alyssa, I’m really happy you started blogging again! I’m about to graduate in a year and this book would be perfect! Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement. 🙂

    [email protected]

  161. Thank you Alyssa for this post 🙂 I’m having to make big decisions now and it’s so importantly to daily trust God, something I’m learning to do. Thankfully our God is much, much bigger than the big decisions! I’ve been so encouraged by your blog and Spoken For 🙂
    Anna xx
    [email protected]

  162. My husband and I have been working through upcoming tough decisions in family and careers so that we may honor and glorify The Lord in these decisions and it it just that-tough! I find myself wanting God to write out in big letters in the sky exactly what we are to do but sometimes, I think that it’s right in front of us – we just aren’t able to see it in the craziness of day to day life. I’m trying to find balance and I’m learning to sometimes just be still (that’s so hard for me!). Can’t wait to read this book!

  163. It is so true Alyssa ! God gave us freedom to choose and he will guide us. He is our best friend, our father and he wants best for us! He will never ever leave us! It’s mean that I don’t have to be afraid about my future decisions, cause He is always close to me and will help me and guide me. Father always wants the best for His children. Blessings 🙂

    My email is
    [email protected]

  164. I always worry if im making the best decesions for my life and it lining up with God’s will .

  165. Thanks for sharing! I have always struggled with decisions in my life. Especially the bigger ones like where should I go to college? What major should I choose? Currently I am struggling with who should I marry? I worry so much that I will make the wrong choice and be unhappy and regret it. I dont want to be too picky, but I dont want to settle either. Ive been praying for guidance and wisdom in this area of my life. Love your dating and relationship videos on youtube they have been a big help for me!

  166. Wow. This sounds like something I definitely need to read. I’ve recently started my Freshman year of college and I feel like God is calling me to the foreign mission field but I don’t know what that looks like right now. Should I finish college first? Should I continue at a private Christian university or attend somewhere that will not leave me with as much student debt when I graduate? What country am I called to? Should I continue to pursue a degree in Special Education and use it in the mission field? Should I wait until I’m married to enter career missions? So many decisions!! I’m constantly amazed and encouraged by you and your beautiful family. Love Jeff’s video on knowing God’s will, too!

    My email is: [email protected]

  167. Trusting God and his timing are always what helps me get through the big and the small decisions. I would love to read that book you’ve suggested!

  168. I’ve been in a pickle of picking between two important decisions for my life after high school and this made me realize I can’t really go wrong! You are so right that God gives us the choice, it’s just deciding which is the best. Thank you so much for this!

  169. In my senior year of Nursing school, about to get engaged, and trying to find a job! Currently starting a bible study with your book, Spoken For, with some other senior nursing students- it begins Wednesday!! So excited to see what God has in store for me, but need to let him lead me and stop overanalyzing every single conversation, detail, etc. of my life.

    Thanks for your inspiration Alyssa. Both you and your family! xo

  170. Hi Alyssa! I have been reading your blog for awhile and have come across some of the best advice for myself and girlfriends who have needed. God is truly using you! I would love a copy of this book! i am 21 and life is going and there is so many big and small choices to make in this time in my life from “what to do with my life” to marriage to what am I suppose to do next and it would be so amazing to be able to have this book to read to lean on during this time for me. I would love love it!


  171. ALYSSA!!!! I have missed you so much girl!! I check here like every other and literally screamed out loud at work when I saw this post. I also love Lysa and have been hearing so much about this book. Thank you for always leading us to the Lord and sharing with us. We pray you, Jeff, Kingsley, and Aslan always. That y’all would be blessed and kept safe in Jesus arms. Thank you

  172. My husband and I are now trying to figure out our next move and career path! Could so use this book right about now.

  173. I saw Lysa speak at the WOF conference and she is so full of wisdom and with being a bit indecisive lately I don’t think this could come at a better time! Praying that the Lord speaks to you and Jeff about your big decisions!

    1. So sorry I posted twice- it was showing up that my comment from the 6th never went through.

  174. Really needing some guidance for this time if my life where a lot seems uncertain and walking in faith seems the only way….
    My email: [email protected]

  175. Hope it’s not too late to enter to win a copy! I love your posts and I have missed reading them since you have taken a break! Thank you for sharing!
    e-mail: [email protected]

  176. You and your husband have been since an inspiration and role models for me. Even though we have never met, you both constantly point me back to Christ! Thank you for that!
    My email is: [email protected]

    1. Hi Alyssa, I’m in a different country though : South Africa

      [email protected]

  177. God is crazy faithful! I could really use this book right now.

    [email protected]

  178. I’m not much of a reader, but after I read your husbands book, Jesus > Religion- I’m obsessed with reading books about God. I would LOVE to read this book, I’ve heard many positive attributes about it. Thanks for showing God’s love through you.

    [email protected]

  179. Alyssa-

    Just wanted to say thanks for writing these beautifully written blogs and videos filled with love, faith, and wisdom. I strongly look up to you and Jeff everyday with your encouraging words to help remind me to keep my faith in God and not give up. I can’t believe how much my relationship with God has grown and strengthened since finding your videos and blog. So thank you! God bless you and your family in making this big decision!

    I have read a few of the books you have reviewed, and I absolutely loved them. I would love to read this book to gain a better understanding and help me make big life decisions.

    From one Alyssa to another

  180. Would love to read this book. Looks exactly like what I need right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. Praying for your families big decision! Love you guys!

    So excited for this giveaway opportunity

    1. Realized I’m a day late

  182. Thank you for doing this, Alyssa! I am always encouraged by your posts!
    My email is: [email protected]

  183. Thank you, Alyssa. Will be praying for your family as you make this decision. [email protected]

  184. Alyssa,

    Don’t ever stop what you are doing. Unless you are being called somewhere else, don’t stop. You have brought so much “joy” (lol) and love into my heart. Your words and life have truly illuminated a light and fire within me I cannot explain. I will meet you one day, I will lead in faith of that! Haha I cannot begin to tell you how you have impacted my life. Or how by God’s grace you have shown me his love for me and how he sees me. I love you so very much! I’m hugging you through this comment!!! Spoken for changed my life! My perception! You name it!!!! You are a tremendous light and blessing of refreshment and encouragement. Continue writing and blogging and write more books so I can laugh and cry and feel like you’re here with me and we’re having girls night!!!! Miss Kinsley is an amazingly blessed little girl to have you as her mother as is Jeff to have you as his wife. Thank you. Thank you so much for just being you and allowing your life to be on display and an encourage to more people than you could even imagine. We will meet for coffee one day, hopefully! I would love nothing more! Just have to find an excuse to go to Seattle! Or maybe whenever y’all swing by Houston, Tx 😉

    All the blessings,

    Desiree Charalambous


  185. Hello Alyssa,

    Although we have never met, both you and Jeff have been of such inspiration to me, Thank you. The love both you and Jeff have towards our Lord and Savior, Jesus, has inspired me in wanting a more intimate relationship with Him! By the way I’m looking forward to reading your book soon.


    Email: [email protected]

  186. I am 15 and just wanted to say i love love love reading your blog posts. They are so encouraging and help me get throu this crazy thing called High School!! Lunch is my favorite part of the day when I can sit down and read your blog and grow in my faith with Jesus Christ! [email protected]

  187. I believe this book will bless me greatly in this season of my life! Thanks Alyssa for sharing:D

  188. Just finished reading your book Spoken For and loved it. Since this book comes on high reccomendation by you I would love to read it.

  189. This book sounds great… I would lovelovelove to win one! I’m definitely trying to lean on God more and learn with His best is for me. And that sometimes, we really are given the choice between more than one possible option. Thanks for the book suggestion!

  190. I hope you are still picking your 5 people 🙂

  191. As a college I know this book would be an amazing tool! My email is [email protected].

  192. love your blog. i would love to win a copy. thanks, [email protected]

  193. Alyssa- I loved reading this blog as I’m a senior in high school and getting into the process of choosing a college. I feel the same way that you do about being a slow decision-maker. I will be praying for your lovely little family in this transition!

  194. I would be so grateful if I received this.

  195. Sounds like a great read for me right now!
    [email protected]
    Thank you!

  196. Excited for this new adventure in your family! Reading this post on your blog definitely makes me excited to read ‘The Best Yes’. Bless you! Xo

  197. Yay! For your and Jeff’s decision. I pray The Lord brings you many good adventures with your move.
    I understand decision making is rough, as I have been struggling with similar struggles.

    [email protected]

  198. Can I get a book please! 🙂

  199. I recently was faced with the decision of making a big yes decision as well. I left everything I knew in Dallas to move to College Station to work full-time in ministry and finish school. I’ve heard such great things about this book this past week and was considering buying it. Reading your article confirmed my desire to read it, but I’d love to get a free copy of it so I could bless someone with the money I was going to spend on the book for myself! Praying for you and your family and friends as ya’ll transition out. The Lord is so good to us!

  200. Yay yay yay yay!!! I’m a junior in college trying to figure out where God wants me to serve in this life and it’s soooo tough. So tough.

  201. I would absolutely LOVE to win a copy! I have some huge decisions to make very soon and this book looks perfect for me!
    My email is [email protected]

  202. Wow, thank you Alyssa!
    I really needed to hear that. I’ve been struggling with God’s Will & God’s GIVEN Options.
    Thank you,
    God bless you
    [email protected]

  203. Love your blog! I’m a stay at home mom now so I have plenty of time to read during naps :). I’ve read a few of your husbands suggestions as well!

    Looking forward to adding ‘The Best Yes’ go my list!

  204. Wow! Definitely interested in this book!

  205. This is a book I NEED to read! So much thought these days about “if I make the wrong decision”, “what if…”, etc.

  206. This book looks fantastic! Decision making is something I struggle with immensely as I’ve always been scared to make the “wrong” choice or as you said be out of God’s will. I would love to have a copy!

  207. A huge decision I can imagine but Who can complain it’s Maui right! I long for the relationship you and Jeff share with each other and The Lord. What a beautiful thing it is, a blessing. I pray and hope that I will grow and one day share something close to what you and Jeff share with each other. I pray that you are blessed in Maui and that others are blessed by you. God bless you always Bethke family!

  208. Alyssa,
    This is an area in life where I really struggle; decision making. We live in Alaska but would like to move our family. It all feels so overwhelming! Jobs? Schools? Home? Church? Sports for my kids? Yikes! What if we make the wrong decision? I’d like to know how to make a decision and not second guess:)

  209. Alyssa,

    This post really resonated with me as my husband and I are making this same BIG decision. We got married about a year ago and feel like God is already leading us on to move to a smaller town, closer to my family. We have been praying hard about it and feel like it’s the best decision for our family and our future when we start having kids! Though, with every big decision comes a lot of change! My husband will be leaving a job he loves, as well as the family and friends we have here. The hardest part has been remaining confident in the decision we are making. The “what ifs” can really drag us down. What if we are making the wrong decision? What if he hates his new job? What if we can’t find a house, a church, new friends? And on and on… You are right about trusting in the Lord, relying on him for wisdom, and then just making a decision! In the past, I have been the kind of person who has waited around for a sign from God before I can make any kind of decision, But that’s not what it’s about! God has already given us the tools we need and as long as we are following His Word, we cannot go wrong. That has given me so much comfort and I know that no matter what we do, He will be with us! Thank you for sharing your story… It’s always nice to hear that our situations is not unique to us… There are always others walking the same path. Blessings on your move to Hawaii! Love you guys! 🙂

  210. Blessings on your move! Your baby girl is adorable. She is the same age as our girl, Avalyn.

    Email: [email protected]

  211. Wow! I so can relate to this.

    I recently had to make a decision like this. Where there wasn’t a wrong answer, but both were very different paths.
    One was to stay where I was, and I knew God would continue to lead me. The other, was out of my comfort zone and completely foreign to me. Way scary!!
    I remember a friend asking me, what do you want to do? My answer was, I want to do what God wants me to do. I was so conflicted. I prayed a lot and wanted God to give me the obvious answer. He didn’t, He just gave me the “freedom” to chose.

    Long story short, I chose to step out on faith and went for the new path.
    Now, several months into it, it has been amazing to experience God guide me on this new path of the journey of life.
    What you said of how God spoke to your heart and said, “What would you like? I love to shower you with good gifts. Both of these are good. You choose.”
    I so resonate with. I have a newfound understanding that as long as we surrender to HIS will on whatever path we are traveling HE can make ALL things good.
    His blessings are plentiful, and what he continues to show me along the way continues to dazzle my heart.

    Thank you for sharing your heart. Your words spoke to mine. Thank you for giving me words to my own feelings and a deeper understanding of it all.
    It is nice to know that others can relate.
    Aloha Blessings to you on your adventure. I am sure God will continue to dazzle your sweet family!

  212. Love this post and you and Jeff! Thanks for all you do!

  213. Wow. I’m in tears after reading this. At this very point in my life, I’m being faced with some huge decisions. Whether to rush through the rest of my bachelor’s degree in 8 months so I can start early at chiropractic school or whether now is the time to marry my long time boyfriend, or possibly say goodbye. I even saw “The Best Yes” on Amazon yesterday when I was ordering another book! God is SO amazing! I’ve been so confused about what to choose, asking myself, “What if this is wrong?” Or “What if I mess up my whole life, and displease God forever?” Thank you Alyssa for your peace and assurance!

  214. You and Jeff words of wisdom keep me going. Thanks and God bless you

  215. Sounds like an amazing book. I hope I get picked! 🙂 email: [email protected]

  216. Can’t wait to follow you guys on your journey in Hawaii!

  217. Awesome!!! Wishing you and Jeff all the best!

  218. Crazy encouraging to read!

  219. I’m so excited for you and your family! I pray that God shows you the way and that your decision may be in God’s will! I am currently facing some big decisions in my life right now and would love to read that book! God bless you and your family!

  220. Hi! Thanks for all of the encouraging blog posts, Alyssa!! SO thankful for you, Bethke’s, and I’m so excited to see where God leads y’all!!! <3
    Email…[email protected]

  221. SO excited for you!!!! I live on Maui and hope to meet you someday! Blessings and aloha 🙂

  222. This is great, I want to read this book! It looks so exciting 🙂

  223. Great post to read at just the right time!
    my email is [email protected]

  224. Um, yes please!

  225. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your heart, Alyssa. It was a pleasure meeting Jeff at Creation Fest in July, so I am certainly praying you BOTH continue to appear at big events although you’re moving into the Pacific! 🙂 There’s always an element of pressure in deciding. I am grateful with you that the Lord is wholly good in all decisions we make and that He gave us this life with the intention that when we follow Him, we are free to live life and make decisions knowing HE is with us!

    HopingI win a copy of Lysa’s book. If I don’t, I want to congratulate you and Jeff on the beginning of another awesome chapter for you guys. Praying for the Lord’s favor over your family!!

  226. I have been following you guys since before you were married. You have been such a blessing and inspiration!! Prayers and blessings for your move! [email protected]

  227. The LORD is truly working in people’s lives through you and your husband. I am glad to see you are walking with the Lord together everyday. God bless You 🙂

  228. Hi Alyssa! I would so love to get a copy of this book! I’m a sophomore in college and I’ve been wrestling a lot with my ‘calling’ and finding exactly what that means as I go through college and my major. I feel my life shifting and I want to make sure that the decisions I make are in God’s will, but I’m realizing that, like you said, some of the decisions are just mine to make! (I love that about God!)

    So anyways, I think reading this book would help me a lot through this transition I’m going through, just like the transition you’re going through!

    Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats on Hawaii!

    [email protected]

  229. Thanks so much for sharing, Alyssa! What a great perspective.

  230. Alyssa,

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us – what an inspiration! I have recently moved from the UK to the USA because God told us and as we give our best yes, the adventure is unfolding. I encourage you to keep giving your best yes to Him – and you’ll enjoy the entire process.



    [email protected]

  231. Struggling a lot with this right now, as I have started my senior year of Highschool. Not knowing where God is leading after I’m done, even though I’ve been planning since 9th grade, is hard. Thank you for your encouraging post! He has been with me in the past will carry me through the future. Blessings on your move to Maui!!!

  232. Hello Alyssa! Thank you for talking about this book because it does sound like a great book for me in this season of my life. I’m a young adult, in transition because I just finished college and am positioning myself to move on to the working world. It would be awesome to have a book about decision-making to guide me in this phase. Thank you for being a blessing and an inspiration the past years, I love you and Jeff! 🙂 Also, all the best with the big move, will be keeping your family in prayer!

    My email is [email protected]

  233. Alyssa, this post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My husband and I are praying and making moves, around what would be BEST for our family, now that we have a 9 month old son. This book would be a great tool in this season of our lives.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you and Jeff have been to us all!

    God bless!
    -Blanca M.
    [email protected]

  234. Good luck to you and Jeff!! So exciting! I cannot wait to see what cute things you do with your new place! And it will be cool to second-hand visit HI through your stories and pictures.

    I heard an interview with the author the other day and would love to read the book! Ahh!! ([email protected])

  235. This has been very encouraging for me. Love reading about your journey. God is good 🙂

  236. in malaysia supportin you

  237. Thanks Alyssa. I feel so caught with not knowing what decisions to make being in grade 12. It’s so tough. I’m always scared I’m not doing or choosing the right path, but I know God will work with whatever we choose. I hope you keep blogging more often because it truly encourages me always. My email is [email protected] 🙂

    1. Hello Nadia, I feel the same way! Just thought I would let you know you’re not alone:)

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