The Best Yes - Jeff and Alyssa


Big ones.

Everyday ones.



Different time.

We all are faced with decisions on a daily basis. What will I eat today? Should I have coffee with so and so? Do I really need to clean the bathrooms today? (Any one else a procrastinator when it comes to the bathrooms!?)

And throughout our lives we have those really big-pray a lot-ask wise people-decisions. Which college should I attend? Where should I live? Should we get married?

Recently Jeff and I have been presented with a BIG decision that could dramatically change our lives. It’s really the first big decision we’ve had to make since we’ve been married. It’s so exciting to make this decision together, but man, we are so opposite with how we walk through it!

Jeff is logical, decisive, and quick. He thinks through all the steps, and if each step is a yes, then it’s a go.

I am slow.

I journal, write lists, pray a lot, talk to people, cry here and there, and then jump in. Now being married and deciding together, we are talking and praying a lot together. Jeff’s learning to be patient with me, and I’m learning to jump in a little quicker than normal.

The day before Jeff and I had this opportunity, I started to read Lysa Terkeurst’s new book “The Best Yes.” (I love how the Lord works!)

Guys. Seriously. It’s so good.

I’m so thankful for Lysa’s wisdom with how to make good decisions- and not just good ones, but the best one. That word, “best” has been resonating in my heart the past three weeks as Jeff and I try to make this decision, “Lord, what’s your best? What is best for our family?” Because if I’m honest, the two possibilities we have are both good. There’s not a wrong choice.

There’s freedom in choosing.

I feel as though God has presented us with these two possibilities, and is saying, “What would you like? I love to shower you with good gifts. Both of these are good. You choose.” Whoa! I’ve never felt like this before, although I know it’s been true so many times in the past. But I use to get bent up about God’s will, and thinking that if I choose the wrong one, I’d be displeasing the Lord; I wouldn’t be in His will anymore. But no! Not true.


Yes, God has outlined very clearly things in His word that are His will, and things that are sin. But He doesn’t say “Alyssa, you should marry Jeff. And get a dog and name him Aslan, and have a baby girl your second year of marriage.” He doesn’t. He gives us freedom, and as long as we’re walking with Him- in His word, talking to Him throughout the day, learning from other believers- He promises to lead and guide us. He gives us wisdom with what’s best. Not that it’ll be perfect. There will be tough things with any decision. But He will use that to grow us and lead us into His arms.

In her book, Lysa gives practical advice for how to have wisdom in the small and big decisions. She talks about how to not people-please, overcommit, and rush through life- and how to see God as Big, have peace and rest, and to truly love.

SO because I loved this book so much and believe in the best yes, I’m giving away 5 copies! Leave a comment below, with your email, and I’ll randomly choose 5 winners by this Tuesday!


Friday, Sept. 5, 2014