In the busyness of last week, I totally forgot about our thankful lists on Thursdays! So this week let’s do 20 things we’re thankful for. Can’t wait to read your lists!

December 2-8th

1. How thoughtful my husband is

2.  My mama’s life- we celebrated her birthday this week. I’m so very thankful the Lord blessed her as my mom

3.  Our newest addition to our family: Aslan!

4. My small group gals

5.  Fresh veggies

6. That the bank, post office and groceries are all at Fred Meyer’s (seriously did a woman think of this? GENIUS!)

7. The smell of babies

8.  My rainboots that can splash in any Seattle puddle!

9. Bananas in my cereal

10. God’s character revealed through scripture

11. My husband’s prayers

12. Dirty dishes in the sink- fed tummies

13. Smell of warm cookies in the oven

14. New friends at the park (thanks Aslan!)

15. Tacoma- it really is becoming my home

16. Candles burning while I cook

17. God’s stretching moments that remind me I can’t do it on my own; I’m in CONSTANT & UTTER need of Him

18. My fuzzy slippers (even when Aslan tries to bite them)

19. Christmas tree lights- they make our living room feel so cozy & inviting

20. God’s presence- with me always. Thank you Jesus.




  1. My list is almost the same as yours! But I am also thankful for our daughter paisley! ;0) She will be 2 on january 1st! Her birthday is pretty awesome I think,
    1-01-2011! Time sure flies when your in LOVE!

  2. I’m a youth worker and last Sunday night at our Youth Fellowship we made little thankful boxes where we put everything we’re thankful for in; It’s been a great practice.

    This week I’m thankful for fresh bed sheets (always give the best sleep) and puppy snuggles from my dog.

    I’m also extremely thankful for God’s never ending Grace!

  3. I am thankful for:

    1. My future women’s Bible study group
    2. Older adults
    3. The possibility of being a chaperone for the “Mission Possible” mission trip to help rebuild Joplin
    4. Katey’s story
    5. She Read’s Truth devotionals
    6. My cat, Indy
    7. Learning from my mistakes
    8. Learning from others’ mistakes
    9. Toilet paper
    10. Baby tomatoes
    11. The YMCA
    12. Opportunities that provide perspective
    13. Lotion
    14. Alarm clocks
    15. Warm blankets
    16. Maggie, Cindy, Jon and Karolina
    17. Sally and Laura
    18. Recycling
    19. My car
    20. My vacuum

  4. I think its so important to keep what you ARE thankful for in the midst of worry or discontentment. So here we go!
    I am thankful for:
    1.God’s promise that He is not finished with us yet
    2. His promise that He is good
    3. Nothing I do can intrigue or surprise Him
    4. And.. Nothing is out of His control
    5. My parents/ grandparents throwing me a birthday party
    6. Zack’s persistence in praying for me, and being patient in this time of struggle
    7. Bethany’s willingness to share wisdom and insight into my life
    8.This blog! 🙂
    9. Winter break: I get to spend time with my family and friends
    10. The friends I’ve made in Portales
    11. The BSU I’ve gotten to be a part of and the WONDERFUL people I have met there
    12. My best friend, Joanna
    13. The voice God has given me to use for His glory
    14. Songs that He’s given me from His heart
    15. The new laptop&phone case, and money I got for my birthday
    16. My sweet, and thoughtful Nanny who is always so encouraging me
    17. Being back from college: no shower shoes, quiet hours or no pets!
    18. My home church, and getting the opportunity to help them
    19. God’s inspiration in my heart for loving girls and desiring to help them grow in Him
    20. God’s broad shoulders– I do not have to bear my own burdens

  5. I can resume my thankful list by just saying that I’m thankful that God is alwyas by my side 🙂

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