Thankful - Jeff and Alyssa

In the busyness of last week, I totally forgot about our thankful lists on Thursdays! So this week let’s do 20 things we’re thankful for. Can’t wait to read your lists!

December 2-8th

1. How thoughtful my husband is

2.  My mama’s life- we celebrated her birthday this week. I’m so very thankful the Lord blessed her as my mom

3.  Our newest addition to our family: Aslan!

4. My small group gals

5.  Fresh veggies

6. That the bank, post office and groceries are all at Fred Meyer’s (seriously did a woman think of this? GENIUS!)

7. The smell of babies

8.  My rainboots that can splash in any Seattle puddle!

9. Bananas in my cereal

10. God’s character revealed through scripture

11. My husband’s prayers

12. Dirty dishes in the sink- fed tummies

13. Smell of warm cookies in the oven

14. New friends at the park (thanks Aslan!)

15. Tacoma- it really is becoming my home

16. Candles burning while I cook

17. God’s stretching moments that remind me I can’t do it on my own; I’m in CONSTANT & UTTER need of Him

18. My fuzzy slippers (even when Aslan tries to bite them)

19. Christmas tree lights- they make our living room feel so cozy & inviting

20. God’s presence- with me always. Thank you Jesus.