Stokage! - Jeff and Alyssa

Awesome things are coming up in the Bethke household!

Lights Out is this Friday. It’s going to ROCK. If you’re in the area, come come come! Free admission. We have a killer line up of artists & my hubby is performing a new poem “The Greatest Artist of All Time”. Bring your friends and family and get ready to be rocked by God’s power and creativity.


Also, Jeff is speaking at For the King Friday night continuing through the Love series- this week is how God’s love is relentless—how do we show relentless love in dating and marriage? Join us at 8pm! Plus, the worship band is going to do some dubstep worship…pretty killer if you ask me!

After an awesome weekend, then I am leaving for this beautiful island~


But first, I’ll be stopping at Oahu to visit my sweet friend Reesey (& meet her fiance!) and do some wedding dress shopping! AH! Freak Out! So cool!

PIC_659Jeff’s is meeting me in Maui (after flying to Miami for an event Friday night, then flying all day to Maui…16 hours- crazy!) to speak at Hope Chapel’s Winter Camp on the beautiful cliffs on Keanae. Sigh. I’m imagining the sweet breeze, crisp mornings, lush trees, and wild ocean now.

High schoolers. Jesus time. Rest. Sunshine. Ocean. Surfing. Paddleboarding. Banana Mac Nut pancakes. Sleepovers. Lanai chats. Spearfishing. Church family. Running. Hanging with some of my favorite people. Second honeymoon. My hubby. Book writing with my dear friend.

WOW. AMAZING. Thank you Lord! I can’t wait!!!!

It’s awesome, and we’re so stoked! But can you guys be praying for us? We can only do it through Jesus. If you think of it, please be praying for:

  1. Jeff- he’s getting sick and has so much to prepare for this weekend, plus tons of travel. (And I’ll be gone for a week…I’ll be honest, I’m a little worried. We don’t have a microwave yet—I may need to buy one before I leave. That boy has to eat!)
  2. Lights Out this weekend- people would be encouraged and drawn to Jesus. For the artists- to be filled with His Spirit as they speak and sing.
  3. Travel mercies- for Jeff to make it to Maui. He has a crazy amount of layovers, and a lot of hours to make it from Miami to Maui. Please pray that he’ll make it on time! And for my heart- this is our first time flying apart and I’m a little scared. The fear of one of us dying because we’re not together rises up in me every few days.(I know, dramatic. But if I’m not trusting in Him, this is where my thoughts lead me…) Please pray for peace and that I’d trust in His security.
  4. Winter Camp- high schoolers would come to know Jesus and really have Him be the Lover of their souls.

Thanks for sharing in God’s work!