So this happened. - Jeff and Alyssa

As Jeff jets off on his second leg of traveling for the book tour, I’m sitting at our dining room table, still in my pj’s, listening to Christmas music (I know! It’s not even November!!!), reminiscing of the past two weeks. What a whirlwind! I know I use that word far too often to describe our lives, but for real.

It was so fun to travel to 8 different cities, all of which were sun soaked and hot- this girl was in heaven. Houston was in the 80’s, so I of course was lying out by the pool and wearing all my summer gear, where the locals all had on their sweaters and scarfs saying that was fall weather to them- brrr. Note to Texans: don’t move to the PNW. You won’t survive the mild-cold weather!

But the best part, besides experiencing it all with my best friend, was meeting other believers from all over the country. Amazing that despite location, culture, & accents, the moment you meet another believer, you’re immediately connected. You can immediately go deep, or laugh, or give a hug. The body of Christ is beautiful.

Jeff and I were overwhelmed by people’s support, love, and prayers. It has been an incredible journey!

One of the highlights for Jeff and me (besides the Mexican food in Houston- O.M.G. It’s as though Jesus made it Himself. I’m praying we eat like that in heaven) was meeting Beth Moore. Since I started following Jesus, I’ve had a hunger for His word, and have deeply desired to study and teach it. I’ve done multiple Beth Moore studies throughout the years, and have so admired her heart for truth and the gift the Lord’s given her to preach. And let me tell you, that woman can preach!

So to be able to meet Beth Moore, in person, was a dream come true. One of those dreams you don’t even dream of because you think it’s so far out of reach- ya, the Lord can totally do anything! Nothing is out of reach for Him.

We pulled up to the Living Proof Ministries offices, which is a gorgeous old plantation mansion in Houston. As we were walking up to the door, Beth swung the door open and said “Get on in here!” in her sweet Texan accent. For the next couple of hours, she showed us around, introduced us to her awesome staff, and sat with us over coffee (bless her. She knows we’re from Seattle) to just talk about Jesus, ministry and the bible. I didn’t even know where to start; questions were racing through my mind.

I had so much I wanted to ask. For years I’ve had this longing to write bible studies, but when I sit down at my computer to actually put something on paper, nothing. I can get an outline, or a theme, but then have no idea where to go from there. I feel completely inadequate. Who am I? I still have so much to learn. I don’t know Greek and Hebrew. I didn’t even take theology in college. What do you do with a passion that’s so deep, and yet you have no idea how to let it out?

You wait. You study. You dig in, Beth said.

You choose something that makes you passionate, that you want to learn, that you want to study in the bible, and then you learn as much as you can in that one area, that one book. Read commentaries. Study theology books. Look up every verse. Go to every passage. And take notes.

And you pray. Ask the Lord what He wants you to study, and teach. And then go for it. Take every teaching opportunity you can. You won’t be perfect. You’ll make mistakes. But through our failures, that’s sometimes when we learn the most. Be available and wait for the Lord to lead.

Beth shared how she would never have dreamed of having a thriving ministry like LPM, or writing so many bible studies. She just wakes up every morning and prays, “Lord, today I’m choosing to follow you. Please lead me. Show me what you want me to do. And I’ll do it, I’ll go.”

Beautiful. These are words to live by.

I think that so many of us, especially us twenty-somethings, ask the Lord over and over, “What should I do?” “What career should I choose?” “What major?” It’s good to seek the Lord’s wisdom, but most likely He won’t tell you one thing, and that’s that for the rest of your life. God is so much bigger, and wiser. In my own life, I’ve seen that there are seasons, and every season the Lord has something new, something different for me. So far, anyways. Maybe you will choose a career that will take you through until you retire. Regardless, our hearts should be seeking Jesus, more than the next thing. Whether we’re comfortable, or not, whether we like our jobs, or not; we should wake up each day choosing to follow Jesus- wherever that takes us. He is our Good Shepherd and leads us with His strong staff. He is good. And His ways are so much bigger and better than our own.

Before we left, Beth laid hands on me and prayed for me. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. And tears, at the precious gift of being prayed for.

Beth is a woman who exudes God’s love and word. After spending time with her, you immediately want to go study your bible. She has a hunger and longing for God that I so long for. His words are in her heart, and flow out of her mouth. And one of the things I love most about her, is her love for our generation- for the next generation. To pray for us, to bring us up, to give us whatever she can to set us up for success. Not worldly success, but success to walk with Jesus faithfully.

I’m so thankful for men and women who walk before us, showing us how to follow Jesus as they follow Jesus. Thank you for being faithful.