MUST WATCH: Best Animated Video On The Book Of Genesis I've Ever Seen - Jeff and Alyssa

Some of you will remember a few months ago I got really excited and posted about The Bible Project. It’s a project by a friend of mine, who is looking to do high quality creative short videos that explain every book in the Bible, as well as ones for different topics in the bible like redemption, messiah, etc.

They just released Genesis part 2 (overview of chapters 12-50) last night and it’s INCREDIBLE. I absolutely love how they highlight the promise of God all throughout the book despite humans messing up and putting a wrench in it.

They are a non-profit and release the videos as fast as they can get funding. Alyssa & I have given to them, as we really believe in this project, and would ask you to consider it as well (if you want, you can give to them here).

After you watch the video below, what parts stuck out to you? Anything you haven’t noticed before when reading Genesis?

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