Learning to Slow Down - Jeff and Alyssa

This weekend, I slammed my finger in the door (blood blister—yuck!), hit my head in the closet, hit my cheek bone on the bookcase, and took a HARD fall on the cement while running Aslan—you know, the slow motion fall where in the middle of it, you know it’s going to hurt—and then you hit head first. (Granted, I was wearing rain boots. Note to self: Don’t run dog in rainboots.)

Ah clumsiness. Obviously, my middle name isn’t Grace. Is it just me, or does anyone else get really clumsy when life is crazy? I am going, going, going that I forget to slow down, and be careful.

Last week was busy. Lots of people over, lots of meals, lots of cookies, lots of parties, and a new puppy!

Sometimes I feel like my life is on fast forward and I am doing everything I can just to keep up with it. Often, I am the one to make myself so busy. Overcommitting myself. Saying yes to everything. Wanting everything to be awesome, or the ideal “pinterest” way. From simple chores, to running errands, taking care of my family, staying in touch with friends, getting together with people, ministry opportunities, big events…the list goes on and on. It’s life. And it’s wonderful. But I don’t think God intended us to run around with our heads chopped off. Yes, some seasons are way busier than other seasons. But regardless of what season we’re in, the Lord is with us always—we have the privilege of living in His presence. We have the opportunity to invite Him into every moment of our lives.

I notice that when I stop—stop my mind, and rest for a bit—and thank Him, think of Him, cry out to Him—I am living in His presence. But when I’m running around going from one thing to another, thinking about the next thing to cross off of my to do list, I just run ahead of Him. I forget, and disregard, His presence. I want to do things my way, in my time, now. Hurry. Worry. Anxiety. Ugh.

For me personally, I’m learning to say no. To really prioritize. To be okay with things not being “pinterest perfect”. To let myself just sit on the couch and read a book (still working on that one…even the thought makes me stressed to not be doing something…oh boy. I need help!)

But secondly, and most importantly, do I really live in the presence of the Lord? I know He’s with me always—but do I notice? Do I talk with Him? Do I cherish, soak up time with Him? Do I rest in what He’s already done, instead of trying to prove myself or find my identity in what I do?

Living in His presence.

Soaking up Him.




Breathing out thanks to my holy, awesome, ever present God.

Abide. That word won’t leave my thoughts this week. Abide. Abide. Abide.

Slow down. And abide.


When do you struggle to just sit and rest with Jesus?