Know Him & Be Known

I’ve been studying through Isaiah this week and already just in chapter 1, I have been overwhelmed at our God.

Our God is Incredible.

Those names of God that I listed yesterday—that you listed yesterday—could go on and on.

But what amazes me is that we can know Him. We- sinful, rebellious creation- were called into His family to be His daughters & His bride- to know Him.

And not know Him like we know our postman.


We get to know Him in the most intimate, beautiful, & close way.

The beauty and majesty of Christmas is that Jesus came down to earth to be with us, to save us, to rescue us. He wanted us. He- the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Creator; the Holy One of Israel came down to earth to be with us. To redeem us by His justice and righteousness, that we can know Him through repentance. To know Him and be known by Him.
No hiding.

He invites us into a deep, intimate relationship with Him.

So whether you have never entered into relationship with Jesus, or you have but haven’t been so vulnerable with Him lately- He’s waiting. He’s right here. Wanting you. Inviting you in. Pursuing you.
Come be with Jesus. He is all in all. Worthy of all. Let Him hold your heart and be your Lord today & forevermore.


For Friday fun, here are some photos of Jeff & I at the tree farm.





  1. Thank you for this Alyssa 🙂 i know god i right here waiting for me to reach out to him 😀 God bless you!

  2. God is a crazy lover of people. Relentless, pursuing and faithful. This post made me fall more in Love with Him, Thanks 🙂

  3. I just fineshed reading Isaiah past week, and as you said, the first chapter gives that shake…. how awesome is our God 🙂 The whole book, is awesome as well… and helped me know me better, cuz made me know Him way better and closer 🙂

  4. Alyssa,
    I love your blog! This post really inspired me and made me fall more in love God. I’m going to go back and comment on some of your other posts soon :).

    God bless you girl,

  5. with God*

  6. Like the photos and love your passion for Jesus!! God bless you, girl!

  7. Alyssa,

    I love this post! Our God is AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE(:

    BTW you and Jeff are soooo cute(:

    God bless you and your family(:

  8. I just love, love, LOVE, your blog. Inspiring!

  9. Alyssa, thank you for your blogs, and how passionate, faithful, and loyal you are to serving Christ! There are very few young adult women who are like you who is being used for the sake of Christ! Not too long ago I was redeemed by our Savior, and now this world doesn’t even compare to what Jesus Christ can offer. I look to you for inspiration, strength, and guidance as I am walking my own personal walk with Jesus. Your new marriage with Jeff is a gift that God has had for you, and I pray that one day I am worthy enough to be blessed with the same :). I’m in a new relationship now and I pray for this guy to be a lover, follower of Christ! I ask that if you would pray for us please. Thank you for your blogs, and I look forward to reading more!

  10. God is my everything… both have become my joy by bring a better interest and appreation of my reverence to the less open mined younger generation. ….so very important now than ever. You are more blessed and appreaciated than you know

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